What are the Proven Strategies to Increase User App Engagement?

The number of smartphone users are increasing day by day and specially in the last five years we have seen tremendous growth in their number of mobile users in these five years. As per an article posted by an internet company on its official site, they have published the fact that the mobile internet users are comparatively more and increasing at a faster rate as comparative to the desktop internet users. So as a business person and a marketing expert, you must have known this fact.

Here, with the advantage of technology one can directly reach these mobile users for advertising your brand. For this intent, many business houses have already launched their mobile applications with brand names so that these mobile users can download them. But merely downloading your business app would not be enough because some users don’t even interact with the app after downloading. So, you need to make continuous efforts so that your users will keep on interacting with your app. For this, you can use push notifications that will keep reminding your users about your business app.

For Android users, the android push notification is a proven way of increasing your reach to your prospective customers which  ultimately going to increase your sales and so as your profits. Further, here I am going to give you some proven marketing strategies which are definitely going to help you increase your business application users’ engagement . Let’s take a look:

Advertise Your Products/Services at Right Time

When you are using the Android Push Notifications marketing strategy for your business then it becomes necessary for you to realize the importance of timing as far as your users are concerned because here you are trying to reach directly on their mobile screens which involves your direct personal interaction. This means, an untimely notification on a user’s mobile screen will not give you any benefit, rather it could ruin your relation with your mobile application user. 

So here basically we are trying to say that if you are dealing in worldwide products and services then obviously you are required to acknowledge the different time zones of your users in respective to their countries where they are living in. Because an untimely notification on your users mobile screen will go useless. Moreover it could irritate them and they can backfire on you by deleting your app from their mobile phones.  

Now, you must have known this fact that a push notification is one which could immediately grab the attention of your user if it is used in a right way so try avoiding the untimely notifications. Moreover, timely reminders for offer deals are mandatory to be sent on users’ mobile phones especially those which are going to end soon like offer lasts for the last twenty four hours or only for this weekend etc.

Understand the Difference Between Android Mobile User and Apple Mobile User:

As a business owner, you may have launched your business app on both platforms that is Google play store and apple app store. But there is a major difference in terms of seeing the mobile push notifications for both users which you need to understand. 

When the apple mobile users unlock their mobile screens then those push notifications which already appeared on their mobile phones automatically went disappeared. But this is contrary in the case of android mobile users as they have to manually clear every single notification. So the android mobile users have more chances where they can interact with these notifications. That is why the Click Through Rate (CTR) is seven times more for android users as comparative to the apple mobile users. Further, even the push notifications look different on both screens.

So while planning for sending push notifications on your user’s mobile phones, you are definitely required to consider this fact.

Recognize the Four W’s:

Here you need to find the meaning of four W’s while planning for sending the android push notifications. The first “W”describes ‘What’ which means you need to know what exact your audience is expecting from you. They obviously expect something from your side if they have downloaded your business app in their mobile phones. 

Second “W” describes ‘When’. So you need to recognize when your audience is expecting something from you. Suppose if you are sending them special sale offers for decorative items but after christmas or new year eve then there will be no benefit.

Third “W” describes ‘Where’. You certainly need to realize that the expectation of an Indian customer will obviously be different from the Australian one. 

And the fourth “W” describes ‘Who’. Here you need to realize who is your customer and to whom you are going to send these notifications. Suppose you have an offer sale on clothing for teenage girls. But this notification will go useless for others. 

This way you seriously need to evaluate the expectations of your target audience and then send push notifications accordingly.


Sending push notifications is a great way to increase your application engagements which this strategy should be analyzed carefully and then implemented accordingly. If you use this proven strategy accurately then you will certainly be able to deliver value to your potential customers. It will further help you in driving more sales and improving customers loyalty towards your brand.