What are the plans necessary to build a house?

To start your construction, it is best to be clear about what you want, what you need and how you can achieve it. This can be seen from the blueprints to build a house. There you can see the design of how the house will look: where the walls will be, the doors, what the roof will be like, the foundations, where the facilities will go and so on.

You can start with some sketches or sketches of what you want, and then pass them on to a specialist who will help you make the plans. You can be an architect or architecture intern. You can consult the info graphics that we have at Abdul Rimaaz that will help you know what you should not miss when designing your home.

Remember that the plans are also necessary to apply for building permits.

Plans to build a house

You can distinguish two key moments when making your plans: the first stage is the basic project. This is where the general characteristics of your construction are defined. The plans that you have to include are:

  • Architectural plans: they show the general size of the spaces and their distribution, furniture, parking, etc.
  • Structural plans: here you can see the main structures of the construction such as foundations, castles, walls, columns, slabs.
  • Electrical plans: show the electrical installations of the house, that is, where the lighting outputs and contacts are located.
  • Hydro sanitary plans: here you will see the details of the pipes, the registration boxes, toilets, showers. Everything that has to do with water.

Detailed plans

Once you have defined your basic project with your needs and possibilities, the next step is to make much more detailed plans. This stage is known as the executive project because all the details that are going to be built and its technical processes are shown. It is important that these plans are in accordance with what the law requires, because they are necessary to obtain permission to build.

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Within this stage, you need to have the following plans:

  • Architectural plan and façade with levels: it is the drawing that presents a horizontal section of the house in scale. Here you can see the figure formed by the walls at a certain height so that you have an idea of ​​the characteristics of the construction. These plans look like you cut the house across the top.
  • Tiered facade: The facade is the exterior of the building, although it generally refers to the front or main part. The plane is as if you saw your house from the front.
  • Overall plan: It is a plan seen from above where all the elements of the project are shown. This includes the dimensions of the land, neighbors, curves in the ground level, roofs, roofs, exteriors, sidewalks, green areas and even shadows.
  • Mezzanine, roof and roof plan: Here you have to see the thickness of the walls for the concrete blocks and slabs.
  • Foundation plan: They show the types of foundations, their thickness, their location and their limits.
  • Constructive cut: This is the part where details of different parts of the construction are shown where various elements and materials are joined so that it is clear how you are going to do it.
  • Hydraulic, electrical, drainage plans.
  • If it is an extension, you need a plan where the existing and the new to be built is clearly defined.


These are some of the plans that you will need to make in order to start building. We recommend that you seek professional help when you do not know how to continue making your plans. Remember that the great ideas you have for your home will be easier to build if you have a clear image of how you want them and how they will look. Blueprints are the first step to building successfully.

Do you already have all the plans of your Designing Constructing?