What are the options in Menu in Google Flights to use

Hello travelers, How are things for your next journey. In today’s mini-post, we wanted to tell you about the option in Menu. We are sure it could help you if you are in a hurry to know about Google Flight. Let’s see about it one by one.

Trips – if you are concerned about keeping the records, then this option will solve the issue. Here every search you make about the places. You will get a suggested destination as well. So, next time, use it.

Explore -Every time we go to a new destination; We want to get as much as information we can. What we can see, what things we can try out. If you, too are trying to find the data, then this is the best option for you. Here You will see three options. They are ‘Travel Guides,’ ‘Day plans,’ and ‘Plan a trip.’ Everyone has a different use for you. On the travel guide page, you will know about the place, weather, When to visit, and videos & Blogs.

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Flights – On this page, you can search for flights. Enter the destination names, dates, then click on the search. If you want a surprise, then click on the map. You will know what we are saying.

Hotels – Not only flight booking, but Google Flights also allows you to look for hotels as well. The website gives you details options to search and book for the hotel. So,When you are thinking of booking a hotel, but could not decide which site to use. Take a look at this. We are sure; it won’t disappoint you.

Tracked Flight prices – Well, if you are using multiple flight prices tracking, then here you can see all of them.

So, these are options explained in Google Flights USA. We are sure it will help you.