What Are the Necessary Steps to Get a Private Pilot License in India?

Becoming a pilot is not an easy task, you have to go through extensive training and pass some of the exams developed by DGCA such as DGCA Medical Assessment, etc. DGCA is the authorized organization that conducts pilot training exams in India.


The process to become a private pilot license is simple. The first simple thing that you need is at least forty hours of flying and you should have cleared the DGCA ground subjects’ exams before you apply for the license. In the beginning, you have to get a student pilot license which should help you start your training for flying to achieve minimum requirements for PPL.

DGCA Ground Classes in Hyderabad

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: A candidate has to be 17 or above when they are applying for the private pilot license.
  • Education: Candidates need to pass at least 10th board exam from any recognized board.
  • Medical: Every candidate needs to acquire a class 2 medical certificate. They need to be medically fit according to the guidelines set by DGCA.
  • Flying: Have at least forty flying hours for yourself before you even think about applying for the license, the easiest way to do it is by going to a flying school.
  • Exams: Once a candidate has applied for a PPL certificate, they need to clear the written exam that includes topics like air regulation, navigation, meteorology, airplanes, and their engines, etc., conducted by DGCA for candidates.

Types of DGCA Exams

In total, there are six different types of exams that are available for students to clear, five from DCGA and one RTR aero exam. Out of all the exams, radiotelephony is among the hardest to clear since it usually takes multiple attempts for candidates to clear.


All of the five exams from DGCA have difficulty level from easiest to hardest. These exams include:

  • Technical Specific with the difficulty level of Easy and can be cleared by students in one attempt.
  • Air Regulation that comes under medium difficulty and can be cleared by candidates in one to three attempts.

DGCA CPL ground Classes

  • Aviation Meteorology has similar difficulty as Air Regulation and can also be clear in one to three attempts.
  • Technical General is an exam that’s generally harder than the previous ones and needs more attempts on average for candidates to clear.
  • Air Navigation and technical general are on the same boat with difficulty level and it takes an almost similar number of attempts for candidates to clear the exam.
  • The hardest exam candidates can come across though is the RTR (Aero) exam which usually takes from seven to ten attempts on an average for candidates to pass.


These attempts numbers are an average of what generally happens, but there are students who have cleared RT exams in single attempts as well, depends on how well prepared you are.


Don’t Look for Shortcuts

Although you won’t find any and if you will they will only lead you to disappointment. It’s important that you never look for any shortcuts when trying to become a pilot. This isn’t like any other examination where you can use shortcuts to get a good position. If you aren’t skilled enough to clear the exam genuinely, you might risk not just your life on the air but several other lives of the passengers that you’ll be flying with.



It’s important to clear these exams if you want to become a pilot. But take the right steps without looking for shortcuts. There are lots of skilled institutes that train students for DGCA CPL ground Classes, which will help students cleat the exam without difficulty.