What Are the Most Common Document Formats Found on the Internet?

One thing we’ve learned since we started working from home is how much we rely on files. They’ve become the currency of our workplaces.

Some businesses put documents online, such as user manuals or templates. Given the internet turned 30 in 2019, that’s a lot of documents online.

Yet formats change as software changes. Old formats become obsolete and new versions replace them. Some of the older documents online may one day be unreadable.

So, what is the most common document format found on the internet? Read on to find out.

Document File Formats Involving Text

Many documents in written format come from Microsoft Word. You can recognize them by the DOC and DOCX extension.

You might also come across ODT files, which you can open in open-source word processors. You can also edit these files inside Microsoft Word. That said, there’s no guarantee that formatting will look the same across software.

RTF files are another Microsoft file format, suitable for text-only documents. Unlike TXT files, which are raw text, RTF files support basic formatting.

You could create an invoice in RTF, but not a TXT file. TXT files are great for simple data, or for raw HTML code.

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Documents Using Images

You can use images in Word and ODT files. Yet it’s more common to find them in presentations.

The most common presentation file format is Powerpoint. If you see PPT or PPTX files, that’s Powerpoint. You may also see KEY files, which are from Apple’s Keynote alternative.

These presentation files support animations, transitions, text, images, and even embedded media.

Perhaps the most common online document format involving images is the PDF. This stands for Portable Document Format.

It’s a universal format. Most people open them in Adobe Reader, or similar. Yet you can also open them in other PDF viewers and even web browsers.

They can include images, text, hyperlinks, and much more.

The Most Common Document Format Found on the Internet Is…

The PDF. The advantage of PDFs over the other file types in this article is their versatility. It’s so easy to open them.

You can also create your file in almost any other program and then save it as a PDF. This preserves all your formatting so the file is seen as you want it to be seen.

They offer a great way to preserve image quality. This makes them the chosen format for print-ready work.

Unlike the other formats, they’re also difficult to edit. This makes them a great choice for online document sharing. Check out salesforce certification exam online.

It’s a good idea to use document automation software so you can generate PDF files as you go.

Which Formats Do You Use?

Now you know the humble PDF is the most common document format found on the internet. It’s the most flexible format since so many types of software can open it.

Yet it’s also a great choice for preserving files and keeping them safe from unauthorized edits. That’s why so many people create PDFs and use them on the internet.

Basic document files, like for start-up or small businesses, needing to create and send files, file formats that involve texts are convenient options. Mostly, these files are used for compliance purposes to complete the paperwork necessary to start and run a business. On the other hand, if your company or organization needs to present reports and presentations on a regular basis, then you’ll need documents using images, like slide shows. 

Need help with choosing a perfect draftable solution? You can use a good document compare tool.

For salesforce certification exam online and online quizzes, there are templates or apps used by course providers or schools as part of their online learning module. Online assessment platforms offer different tech-enhanced ways to evaluate student learning and skills. Some examples of online assessment forms include drag and drop, multiple choice, label image, check boxes, and a lot more. 

The type of document format you need will highly depend on the purpose or intention, frequency of use, and the comprehensiveness of details you want to present. With various document formats and software solutions being discovered, it’s now a lot easier to create documents that would require texts, images, or a combination of charts and graphics. Whether you’re creating one for your business, personal use, or education, documents are an essential part of management today. Hence, you need to ensure the security, reliability, usability, and accuracy of documents.

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