What Are the Legitimate Online Paid Surveys?

Research opportunities and clinical trials are how doctors get paid offline and online. On top of this, rising in popularity are online paid surveys for healthcare professionals.

While not all surveys are medical-related, one can make a sizable amount working from home by filling them out. However, it is essential to check which ones are reputable sites in a sea of many. After all, medical disinformation exists and must be combatted.

Note that physicians can earn between $3 and $500 per survey. A caveat, though, is that remuneration payout can stretch from 30 to 45 days depending on the survey site, and some health care professionals still receive inadequate compensation.

Legitimate Online Paid Surveys: Purpose and List

Before looking at a list of some legitimate paid medical surveys, it is important to note their purpose. Mostly, pharmaceutical businesses and government agencies use them as research tools. The information acquired from this research helps mold the evolving medical landscape.

Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners can do their part for these reputable medical research companies. With only a few minutes of answering a few questions, healthcare professionals can maximize their time in a day and augment their income. Below are some of the legitimate medical survey sites.

1. M3 Global Research

Welcoming medical healthcare professionals from various fields, M3 Global Research utilizes many research methods. They do interactive phone calls on top of their short surveys.

Helping members of the healthcare industry remains to be their priority. Granting access to info on services and products potentially and currently marketed is another goal, giving healthcare professionals more options.

M3 Global Research works on the following areas: insurance-related medical issues, medical equipment, prescription medicine, and various treatment choices for specific diseases.

2. MedScape

Doctors from the US may opt to participate in MedScape surveys. Payouts are given in the form of Amazon gift cards upon completion of tasks and upon being granted qualification.

3. InCrowd

If doctors are looking for only a few user-friendly questions on a mobile phone, then the micro-surveys of InCrowd will work best with them. The registration process they offer is also just as straightforward as their surveys, only requiring a couple of minutes to accomplish.

Doctors’ five-minute breaks will surely be a hit, especially with the excellent interface that InCrowd surveys offer. The interface helps doctors track their total earnings and the surveys they qualify for.

The only downside of InCrowd’s surveys is that they tend to pay very little, only up to $15. But that’s the price for only taking a few minutes, anyway.

4. MD for Lives

Another option for healthcare professionals is MD for Lives. Doctors who have tried it testify about the ease with which they take the surveys and the fun.

It’s important to note that MD for Lives is one of the highest-paying medical survey sites out there. They also offer many opportunities for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

5. ZoomRx

ZoomRx welcomes other healthcare professionals and is not limited to inviting MDs for their surveys. Specific specialties, such as infectious diseases, neurology, oncology, rheumatology, hematology, pulmonology, and psychiatry, also have many opportunities here.

A busy professional might find it challenging to spend time on ZoomRx because their surveys usually take time to answer, averaging around 10 minutes per questionnaire. Still, compensation is immediate through channels like Paypal.

Additionally, what’s great with ZoomRx is that it is one of the few services with both a browser-based platform and its own app.

6. Reckner Healthcare

One of the oldest family-owned companies, Reckner Healthcare has been in the industry for almost three decades. Their surveys are mostly about patients’ unmet needs, emergent new treatments, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Their surveys vary in length, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. Compensation also varies according to survey length.

Note, too, that Reckner Healthcare’s surveys tend to focus on oncology, dermatology, rheumatology, neurology, and pulmonology.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it is undeniable that the expertise and opinions of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals go beyond the hospital and clinic. Their engagement in medical surveys helps in many ways, ranging from patient care to medical practice and suggestions for healthcare system improvements.

It is also not too bad for doctors to receive cash or even gift cards for a side gig such as this, knowing that one has helped the health care community. It is no wonder that paid medical surveys are gaining traction among doctors nowadays.

All in all, through these paid medical surveys, doctors can help give crucial insight on specific medical topics and even influence how medical services and products are shaped. Combined with issue-driven and advocacy support research and the right market research, these surveys go a long way in helping improve understanding of the life sciences and aiding biotechnology companies, pharma research, and medical startups get the info they need.