What Are The Key Differences Between IUI And IVF Procedures?

Metro cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi etc have both IUI & IVF procedure for fertility in their clinics. These treatments like iui procedure in Hyderabad can help the couple who are unable to conceive.

The main difference between IVF and IUI is: IVF includes procedures like stimulating the egg, retrieving it and fertilizing it, whereas, in the case of IUI, the sperms are being pushed or injected into the uterus so they won’t have to travel a long distance.

IVF treatment is a procedure that comprises of five stages including:

  • pre-cycle symptomatic testing 
  • incitement of the ovaries to deliver a few eggs during one cycle, 
  • recovery of the eggs from every ovary, 
  • treatment of the eggs in the research facility through ordinary preparation or ICSI, and afterwards 
  • Transferring it into the uterus. 

The possibility of pregnancy from IVF vigorously relies upon the age of the lady, the essential driver of barrenness, and furthermore relies upon certain variables identified with the nature of the IVF lab. 

IUI are a fruitfulness treatment where sperm is embedded legitimately into a lady’s uterus during ovulation; diminishing the adventure for the sperm to the egg. During ovulation, the lady produces one egg that is gotten before the finish of the fallopian tube where it stands by to meet the sperm.

An IUI stores higher convergences of good quality sperm near where the egg is holding up which builds the odds that the egg and sperm will join together. 

It is imperative to ask your primary care physician or medical attendant on the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding an IUI or IVF. Abstain from utilizing Google as an approach to find solutions in light of the fact that these differ on an individual premise. Contact any of our richness masters for help on your voyage. 

IUI versus IVF Cost

One of the worries about richness medications numerous couples have is the expense of both IUI and IFV. For the most part, these methods are not secured under protection plans. IUI can cost a lot than IVF cost in Hyderabad.

Why Try IUI First?

It can bode well for couples to attempt IUI first if the lady has one unblocked fallopian tube, can ovulate appropriately with medicine, has a decent measure of sound eggs, and has an ordinary uterine depression. This treatment can be viable for the individuals who have cervical issues, mellow ovulation issues or are utilizing giver sperm because of infertility caused due to a male factor.


The procedure can likewise work for same-sex couples. Females can utilize giver sperm and male couples can utilize their own sperm with a surrogate.

Why Go Straight to IVF?

Some of the time, it bodes well to go directly to IVF treatment. Going directly to IVF bodes well if the lady is beyond 38 years old, blocked fallopian tubes, has a diminished ovarian save, or needs to utilize benefactor eggs. IVF likewise bodes well in the event that you require hereditary screening. 

IUI and IVF Success Rates

The achievement of the two systems can rely upon the age of the lady, the reason for the fruitlessness, and different elements. The normal achievement rate for IUI utilizing a richness drug, for example, Clomid, is 8-15% per cycle for patients who are younger than 35.

That number drops to just 2-5% for patients who are beyond 40 years old. For IVF, the numbers are a lot higher. The achievement rate ranges from 40-45% for patients who are under 35 and it drops to 15% for patients who are more than 42.