What are the Hallmarks of a Good Preschool?

Choosing the right preschool for your child is crucial as this will build their foundation. When you choose the right preschool environment, the child will get exposed to different elements that will improve creativity, build the roots, and bolster social skills for an education-driven, bright future. It is natural for you to feel overwhelmed by the endless preschool options available, but you are not alone. No matter you choose a private or public preschool, below are some hallmarks that a right preschool must-have.

Top 4 Attributes of a Preschool

  • Welcoming Features – Many kids have not been away for long from their parents. Even those that go to daycare can be nervous to start school. It is a welcoming environment that can put parents and students at ease and prepare them emotionally for the preschool Colorful, bright surroundings will appeal to little kids. The room should have child-size vibrant fixtures to make it appear functional and fun for young learners.


  • Active Learning – Young students will learn best when they do or experience through discovery. This is called hands-on learning or active learning and is a vital trait of the right preschool. Lots of outdoor play, dance, music, arts and crafts, reading, and exploring the natural world- are essential for kids. Besides, when children read and write, it will lay the foundation of proper education. At the same time, play will build curiosity; teach problem-solving skills and empathy. It will help little ones learn significant concepts and pre-academic skills such as counting numbers, recognizing shapes and colors, and building fine motor skills and coordination.


  • Reliable Communication between Parents and Teachers – The truth is that learning does not start or finish in the classroom. A good preschool will understand the essential nature of building stable bonds between parents and teachers. When you choose a good preschool environment, you will get teachers that possess excellent communication skills. A school that values the growth of the student will value the link between school and home. To know more, visit http://www.thrivepreschool.com/.


  • Passionate Teachers – Qualified, caring, and passionate staff and teachers must be a priority. As great as the campus may be, it’s the administration and teachers who make the program. Passion is a crucial factor that differentiates between a great and an okay preschool. Do not forget to notice the educators that speak with respect and kindness with kids. They are the true teachers who want kids to succeed and do everything to keep them healthy and happy. Below are some qualities which a good preschool teacher will exhibit,
  • Passion
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sense of humor
  • A warm personality
  • Great communication skill
  • Dedication and experience

Preschool learning and education are the cornerstones to successful schooling as well as satisfactory outcomes in adult life. But not every preschool is the same, not the expensive ones as well. The features above and qualities are the true hallmarks of a good preschool. So check these qualities before you choose one for your child.