What Are The Four Main Types Of Carports?

For most people, carports are their favorite possession, and they’d do everything to protect it from harm. Even a minor scratch in their car can upset them, so imagine what bigger damages can do. All vehicles are susceptible to dents, scratches, and various other problems, which can usually happen when you park your car outside. The only way to protect vehicles and let them breathe simultaneously is to build a carport for them. 

Carports by Traditional Verandahs & Carports are structures that are open from all sides but have a roof to shelter motorcycles, cars, SUVs, trucks, and even boats. If you build it on your property, it protects your car from extreme weather and harsh climates and from theft and vandalism. There are also various types of carports which you might not know. 

In this article, we shall talk about four main types of carports, so continue reading to know more. 

Different Types Of Carports You Should Know Of!

1. Freestanding Carports: 

These types of carports are not attached to any other structure, be it a house or anything, yet they can be strong enough to protect your car. They are simple structures raised from the ground that are four pillars, similar to pergolas.

Freestanding carports are also lightweight and portable, so you can carry the entire structure and place it elsewhere. You can also permanently attach them to your yard’s ground for better strength and durability. 

2. Portable Carports: 

Portable carports are innovative as they can be built from DIY tools and equipment or come readymade or prefabricated. These carports usually consist of corrugated roofs attached to aluminum or steel beams and can be moved since they are not attached to the ground. 

Several car canopies are also covered in thick, strong, and durable tarps, similar to portable carports. You can carry these types of carports when you shift elsewhere. 

3. Attached Carports: 

The attached carports are the ones that are built adjoined to your home or other structure. It supports your carport, acting as a home and covering one side of the structure to protect your car. 

These types of carports by Traditional Verandahs & Carports can be made as a breezeway between your garage and house with materials that match the theme of your home. It can increase the value and curb appeal of your entire property. 

4. Customized Carports: 

Customized carports, as the name suggests, are built according to the homeowner’s exact specifications, tastes, and preferences. These types of carports are ideal for protecting large-sized vehicles, irregularly-sized vehicles, or if you want to change the look and features of carports. 

Custom carports may come as prefabricated or as a kit so that you can DIY them. They are generally more expensive than their carports, but it would be worth the investment. 

Wrapping Up

Carports are a wonderful addition to the property. Not only does it shelters and protect your car, but it also provides space for other recreational activities. However, much like an artificial roof, having a carport also requires you to do proper guttering for them to pass water effectively. 

So the next time you’re revamping your carport, ensure that you hire Guttering Adelaide contractors to build a carport in your yard. All the best!