What are the features of the Mirasvit SEO extension for Magento 2

At the heart of the Mirasvit SEO extension for Magento 2 lies a robust automation system. The main intention of this system is to simplify technical details required to optimize the process ranking higher in a search engine output page. It helps a merchant to automate a lot of processes, and increase the visual appeal in Google search results. No longer will you need to manually control each product’s SEO health, as the module takes care of this for you.

Enhanced visibility in Google with Rich Snippets

With a task of striving for prominence in search engine rankings, Mirasvit SEO extension can give something worth its weight in gold – rich snippets. A significant advantage can be obtained when its feature activated, as it allows to extend the dataset that is displayed in Google results. In addition to standard meta tags it becomes possible to show prices, ratings, availability, and other essential details directly in the search results.

Rich snippets are an evolution of traditional search result listings. They go beyond the standard title and meta description. Merchants who use them can include additional data directly in the search results. This additional information can vary depending on the content of the specific webpage and its markup.

Common types of rich snippets include user rating including the images of stars, pricing information, publication dates, other significant details. Simply saying, with the rich snippets a potential shopper gets a sneak peek into the product’s webpage content, allowing him to get a basic information even before he actually visits your store.

An effective implementation of the rich snippets is a sure path to increase click-through rates. Potential shoppers will more likely to click on your link, as it gives them a clearer idea of what to expect. This means that a web store can still attract more organic traffic than its competitors by having a compelling rich snippet.

Moreover, user engagement can be increased even more as rich snippets are not limited to textual information. They can also include visual elements like images and videos, making the result people see in Google even more appealing.

Advanced in-store toolkit for content optimization

Having the module in the Magento-based store opens the ability to directly see main SEO-related parameters for every page. It becomes possible to almost in real time to see that the search marketing strategy is executed correctly on any page of the store.

A dedicated panel acts as a virtual consultant that works on every page. It offers an immediate assessment of page’s optimization status. This frontend interface is incredibly convenient, as it eliminates the need for manual analysis. It also saves money by eliminating the need to use similar third-party tools.

With this panel it becomes easy to immediately see if any of the crucial SEO factors are available on the page. For example, it makes a glance to ensure that alt attributes are configured for all places they should be configured.

<p>The real-time feedback allows to instantly reflect any change on the page, making your search marketing strategy to develop without delays. This dynamic feedback loop allows to experiment with different optimization strategies and observe their effects immediately.</p>

The toolbar also provides actionable insights when it identifies potential issues. It offers recommendations and suggestions to rectify those issues. For example, it may recommend to improve product meta description or add more relevant keywords.

Simply speaking, the toolbar is a powerful ally for businesses seeking to maximize their online visibility. Its real-time evaluation, actionable insights, and educational features make it an invaluable tool for optimizing web pages.

SEO health checking

A fundamental element of a successful SEO is keeping the store’s online presence according to the Google’s specifications. This means ensuring that various aspects of store’s content are optimized for maximum visibility and appeal to both search engines and customers.<

To save the time and spare a merchant from tedious manual labor of page by page checking of crucial optimization parameters, the module offers an automated solution. It takes the trouble to analyze all pages in a store and provides a finalized report that highlight possible issues with the content optimization.

The module also offers to utilize the power of the artificial intelligence to get even higher level of automation. It becomes possible to not only get an automatically generated report on SEO health, but also to correct main highlighted issues with the help of the AI.

This extension uses an AI based on the OpenAI GPT technology, which can produce high-quality content at scale. It can analyze any of the existing issues with the content, identify main bottlenecks and suggest several methods for resolving the issue.

An in-store SEO health check is a valuable strategy for businesses looking to improve their visibility and attract more customers. By optimizing the storefront content you may be rewarded with the higher customer engagement.

Summing up

Embarking on the journey to the top position necessitates a profound commitment to adhering to Google’s rigorous standards. This commitment involves a comprehensive optimization endeavor that spans across the diverse facets of your online store’s content. By doing so, not only the store’s visibility is enhanced, but it becomes possible to craft an appealing digital presence that captivates the interest of customers.