What are the Features of KineMaster Pro?

As we know, KineMaster is a great video editor application out there. With its excellent features and unique tools, you create some fire videos. With so much packed in this one single app, you must know about it.

KineMaster Pro is the ultimate premium version of this video editor app. with the premium version. You get your hands on all the app’s tools, from removing the watermark at the end of the final edited video to the long editing without any ad disturbing your work.

In this article, I will unveil all the unique and outstanding features of the KineMaster Pro version. As the app comes with many features, one must know all about it to better understand the app and get the maximum benefit from it.

Features of KineMaster Pro

Here is the detail of all the features of KineMaster Pro that the app gives you to use.

路        Speed Control

KineMaster comes with a fantastic feature of speed control. With the speed control feature, you can increase and decrease the speed of any video clip. You can also control the speed of the whole video or do it in parts to make the video look more attractive.

路        Themes

There are plenty of themes available in KineMaster for you to apply in your videos. Themes always make videos look fresh and excellent. With their colour control, themes make videos colours come out better and bright.

You can adjust the video clips with whatever theme you want to apply and merge them to make a fantastic video with different colours.

路        Multiple Layers

Multiple layers is a unique feature that KineMaster comes with. With this feature, you can add various layers of video clips, audio, and pictures in one frame. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, you can merge different audio and videos into one video to make it worth the time and work.

路        Music

KineMaster allows you to use music in it. There is a dedicated tab for adding music clips. You can also use music audios from the music videos. If you want to know how to use music in KineMaster, click on the given link.

路        Stickers

KineMaster comes with stickers on it. You can use these stickers in your videos to make them fun and cool. You can also buy more stickers from the shop of KineMaster.

路        Transition

You can easily use the transition feature in KineMaster to merge different videos into one video. The transition effects can make any video look amazing and fire. With this transition effect, you can make amazing Tiktok videos. You can also use this effect for your YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media video catchy.

路        Audio

KineMaster comes with an amazing feature of audio. This feature gives you different options to add any type of audio into the video or remove any audio from the video. With this feature, you control the sounds of the video the way you like. Cut audio, add audio, remove audio, or merge audio. KineMaster allows you all.

路        Sound

With the audio feature, KineMaster also comes with an extensive sound feature. The sound feature gives you the power to control the sound in a video clip or different video clips that you are using or editing in KineMaster. You can also use the fantastic feature of fade in and fade out sound effects. Just like this, you can increase and decrease the sound of different audios in the video or videos in KineMaster.

路        Sharing on Social Media

Once the video is edited and finalized, before saving it, KineMaster allows you to directly post it on different social media platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and others. With this feature, you don’t have to save the video and then post it there to the social media handle. Now you can directly add the final video anywhere you want.

路        Chroma Key

This is one hell of a fantastic feature in KineMaster. The chroma key is like a green screen present in KineMaster. With the help of this feature, you can change the background of the video with any picture you like. It will make your video more impressive, and it will look professional.

路        Saving Options

KineMaster, at the end of the edited video, asks for different qualities to save the video in. it can also save a video in ultra-high quality like 4K.

路        No Ads

KineMaster pro comes with no ads. This amazing feature allows you to work hours without any disturbance. Now you can have all your focus on your editing. No ad will disturb you during your work.

路        No Watermark

Watermark is like a stain on the video. KineMaster pro removes the watermark from the final edited video. Your edited videos will be saved without any watermark on them.

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Final Words

KineMaster pro comes with some amazing and unique features. These features give you the power to edit your video the way you want.

Some key features of KineMaster pro are audio control, speed control, chroma key, sound control, editing, themes, etc. the features are mentioned in detail above. You can check them out.

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