What Are The Do’s And Don’t Before Rhinoplasty For Best Results?

Do you know the do’s and don’t before rhinoplasty?

A nose job is a surgical procedure also known as rhinoplasty. There are numerous reasons behind opting for rhinoplasty cosmetic reasons, breathing problems, bulbous nasal tip, droopy nose, nasal hump, deviated septum, polyp, septal perforation, etc. Thus, rhinoplasty can address these problems by changing the skin around the nose, cartilage, or bone. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore can help you eliminate functional and aesthetic defects and correct the shape of your nose as per the patient’s requirement. 

So, you are a good candidate for a nose job if you have any of the above issues with your nose. Hence, two surgical rhinoplasty procedures are open or closed. The surgical procedure selection depends on your nose’s condition and requirements. People often worry about the post-surgery experience. But to tell you the truth, pre-surgery preparation is equally important. Therefore, to give yourself a head start on recovery, you should start as soon as possible. 

Hence, how to prepare for rhinoplasty greatly impact the operation’s results. That is why we suggest the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Pakistan. Only then can you achieve the desired results from the surgery.

In this article, you will discover how to prepare for rhinoplasty. Below we have given a complete guide about dos and don’ts before rhinoplasty. These will help to prepare you for safe and seamless surgery. Moreover, rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan is less than in other countries. A place where you can experience the best nose job in Lahore. 

The do’s before rhinoplasty:

 A week before the rhinoplasty surgery, the patient should prepare the body for the changes. The cosmetic surgeon provides various instructions, which you should follow diligently. According to Dr Mustehsan Bashir, you can stay healthy before and after the surgery by taking these simple steps. We have taken these suggestions from the best nose surgeon in Lahore. 

1: Improve your diet:

The rhinoplasty success rate in Pakistan is higher because doctors recommend a better diet plan before surgery. If you are healthy, you have fewer complications and better chances of a smooth and quick recovery. So, a more fibrous diet can reduce the digestion problems such as constipation after anaesthesia. Also, vitamin C, zinc, and iron intake can make healing faster.

2: Gather your Medications:

The patients may feel pain after the surgery. So, surgeons recommend gathering your pain medications, antibiotics, and cold compresses beforehand. They will help you lessen the post-operative pain, swelling, and uneasiness after the rhinoplasty. Also, take a prescription for OTC medication from your surgeon to have them ready at home before the surgical procedure. So when you reach home, your medications are available at home.

3: Prepare a cosy place:

Rest is very important to get better quickly. The rhinoplasty is performed after giving anaesthesia. And anaesthetics make patients tired and nauseous after the surgery. The cost of nose surgery is affordable because doctors recommend resting soon after the surgery. So you don’t have to pay long hospital bills. Therefore, you must prepare a warm and comfortable place at home with all the necessities you need. Also, arrange a babysitter for your small kids so you don’t get disturbed.

4: Take lots of rest:

The rhinoplasty price in Pakistan is less than in other countries. Doctors asked to rest at home before the surgery and come on the day of the rhinoplasty. So your body gathers up all the energy before the surgical treatment. Moreover, it is also crucial to have plenty of rest a week after the operation. Thus, do lots of rest before and after the surgery.

5: Keep yourself hydrated:

Water keeps your body hydrated and lessens the effect of medications. So, before rhinoplasty, drink about twice as much water as usual. As a result, it will keep your body hydrated for your surgery. Also, having elastic and hydrated skin minimizes the risk of scarring after rhinoplasty. So, a week before the nose job, drink water and fresh juice twice as much as you usually do.

The don’ts before rhinoplasty:

Along with a list of recommendations regarding what to do, there are equally as many things you shouldn’t do before rhinoplasty. So read do’s and don’t before rhinoplasty.

1: Stay Makeup free:

Avoid Makeup only on the day of your surgery, and keep your skin clean and hydrated. Because applying cosmetics can increase the risk of infection as the harmful chemicals may enter your skin through incisions and injections. So make sure to keep your face clean of debris and bacteria. Also, avoid applying any chemical products to your hair as well. Thus, take a thorough wash on the day of surgery and do not apply anything after that before surgery. 

2: Avoid harmful Medications

The non-surgical rhinoplasty cost in Lahore is affordable because doctors recommend avoiding any medications before the surgery, which minimizes the budget. Thus, they ask you not to take NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), vitamin E, aspirin, herbal supplements, or medications before and after two weeks of surgery. You should avoid these medicines because they can cause reactions with anaesthesia or impact blood flow and blood clotting. 

3: Quit smoking

It is a tough deal before the rhinoplasty but a very important precaution. It is recommended to avoid smoking because it has adverse effects on the healing process, and also it has negative impacts on your overall health. Another main reason to avoid smoking is that it disrupts blood flow, which hinders proper healing. Thus, avoid smoking two weeks before and after your surgical procedure. It can even increase the chances of skin loss and scarring. Smoking also increases the risk of poor anaesthesia reaction and bleeding or infection problems.

4: Get comfortable with the surgeon

Although the nose plastic surgery cost is less, it doesn’t mean the treatment is not up to the mark. At Cosmeticoplasty, Dr Mustehsan Bashir takes time to answer your queries before the rhinoplasty, making you comfortable with the process. So, if you have any queries, take special time from your surgeon and ask them valid questions before the day of your rhinoplasty. Also, make sure to do your research and know about the do’s and don’t before rhinoplasty and not have any doubts before the surgical procedure. 

5: Don’t stress

The nose surgery cost in Lahore is affordable, so it does not cause stress in your pocket. But in addition to affordable surgery, keep yourself stress-free in other matters. Keep yourself updated about the nose reshaping procedure to avoid disappointments at the last minute. Thus prepare yourself for a happy surprise and stay confident after the surgery.


Finally, we conclude that a nose job is popular plastic surgery, and it reshapes or resizes the nose. So, preparing for rhinoplasty is essential as its pre and post-operative care can highly affect the results. Thus, the nose job cost in Pakistan is minimal, and the surgical procedures are up to the mark. So, if you are planning for nose job surgery in Pakistan, book your appointment now with the best rhinoplasty surgeon at Cosmeticoplasty. And consider these do’s and don’t before rhinoplasty. Read more..