What Are the Different Uses of Pin Badges?

Pin badges are a popular accessory worn by people of all ages, used for a wide variety of different reasons. The beauty of pin badges is that they can be custom made for any and every occasion, in whatever design you do so choose. Pin and button badges can be extremely beneficial for a lot of reasons, allowing people to express themselves, make a statement or simply for fashion purposes. Here we’ll explore the various different uses for pin badges and the benefits they can have,

Campaign and Celebratory Pins

From political campaigns to national celebrations and beyond, wearing a pin designed specifically for a certain event such as this is an effective yet subtle way of expressing your view, passing on a message or showing your allegiance towards a certain cause.

Pin badges were originally created for Queen Victoria’s 60th birthday, and this trend has continued to grow since then. Compact and affordable, pins such as these can make excellent souvenirs to remember a special occasion. With their small size, they are also easy to carry around without any hassle.

Personal Events

Pin badges are also excellent for personal celebrations and events such as weddings, christenings, and birthdays. These are great to give to your guests as they enter through the door, giving all invited a collective token to wear on the day, as well as something to remember it by in the future. Often, you can also get a great discount by buying a bulk amount of pin badges for an event, making it a great option if you’re looking for added savings.


As well as being great for certain occasions, sometimes you need no reason to purchase a pin badge, other than the fact that you want one! As they are fully customisable, you can get a pin badge in whatever style, size, colour, or design that you wish. These can include certain images, words, graphics and more, so you can upgrade your hat, bag, shirt, or jacket to your hearts content. Simple yet effective, you can even give these pins as personalised gifts.

Collectable Pin Badges

No matter what topic, TV show, film, book, or band you’re a fanatic of collectable pins come in any shape or size. Often, official merchandise is overly expensive, so why pay more when you can design it yourself? No one will know the difference when you walk into the room with your own new pin badge that looks exactly like the real thing.  

Pin Badges for Work

Have your employees proudly donning your work logo with customisable pin badges for work. This doesn’t have to be for everyday wear. Whether it is a conference, corporate event or any other work-related occasion, pin badges can be a great means of identification of your company’s staff members for those who are external to your business.

They can even be great for people within your company. Larger companies often have so many different departments or branches across the country, so it will help you identify who is on your own team, with something as simple as a pin.