What are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Every website requires a hosting service that enables them to get linked to the people that are on the internet. It is the fundamental requirement for any website to go live, otherwise you don’t have any other source to connect to the world. 

Web host providers actually provide a place on the server to the website owners in order to make their website accessible through the internet. Website owners have the alternative of operating their website on their own servers but it is highly impractical to do this as such servers have high maintenance cost. 

Individuals or companies usually depend on such web hosting providers to enable them to focus on their content building rather than on the technical connectivity. With the help of such web hosting services, any non-technical content creator can launch their website without knowing any technical internet knowledge. 

There are certain types of web hosting appropriate for certain kinds of websites and choosing the right type is extremely vital for the future of any website. Check out quickbooks hosting

Here are different types of web hosting that you can choose from while instigating the foundation of your website:

  • Shared Hosting Service

Let’s talk about the most common and the most economical web hosting service, the shared hosting service. It is considered as the easiest to get and basic type which is not designed for the complicated websites. One server is provided from which several websites are hosted. That is the reason it is widely known as shared hosting. 

The cost of web hosting is minimal in this type as several sources are shared between the different websites. The downside of this type of web hosting is the limitation of services or resources that are offered to each website owner. It is like getting an apartment on a shared basis. 

If all websites have low traffic, then it is rational to get this type of web hosting, otherwise your website will face some lags if there is a heavy traffic on the other website. You need to conduct a serious cost to benefit analysis in order to go for this type of web hosting.

If you are constructing a website from which you can transfer your traffic to other big websites later on, then you can select this type of web hosting and save some serious bucks. 

  • VPS Hosting

The next type of web hosting is the VPS or Virtual Private server, usually an upgrade to a shared web hosting. If a website is getting a traffic not suitable for the shared hosting service, then website owners shift to the VPS hosting. 

It is not opposite to the shared hosting service but an improved version of it as far less websites are sharing the same single server. It will significantly improve the up time rate which is a huge upgrade. The content will be loaded faster and the users will experience a positive change. Each website will get the dedicated VPS under the same server. 

Growing websites should upgrade to this VPS web hosting service. 

  • Dedicated Hosting

The best web hosting service is the dedicated hosting as it reserves a separate server for the website. No services are shared, thus providing a smooth and steady user experience. The owner can access the web server setting to regulate the website as per the requirement. 

The loading of the website gets to the maximum speed and the uptime rate is also very high. You will get the 99.99% uptime which is quite high but it is becoming a norm as most of the websites are shifting to dedicated hosting.

Well established e-commerce websites are utilizing this type of dedicated hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is relatively a novel type of web hosting in which more advanced VPNs are connected. It is actually less expensive than the VPN and also a far better option.

Remote servers are available through this type of web hosting. Different services distributed amongst these remote servers and if one goes down, the other one will automatically cover its lag. Obviously, the uptime rate is higher and due to the coverage of multiple servers, the chance of going down a website is minimal.