What are the different types of localization?

In the modern world, engaged in business development, you need to go beyond the local market and start expanding abroad if you want to stay relevant. This is why you need to consider several aspects when it comes to localization. How do you want to present yourself to international users? More importantly, what do you need to localize?

In this article, we will tackle the various types of localization and how each of them can boost your brand.

  1. Website localization

Website localization entails more than content translation. It starts at a linguistic level, adapting the source language marketing message to the target culture while keeping in mind text script, special characters, orthography, etc. Also, brand colours must be adapted to fit the purpose and resonate with the target audience. For more information on colour localization, read this short article about colours and how colour awareness can make or break your brand across borders.

  1. App localization

From mobile app content localization to design and ASO internationalization, you need to consider all these factors when launching your mobile app to a new market. But most importantly, you must take into consideration user experience and user journey. This brings us to number 3.

  1. UI/UX localization

Identify areas of the user experience or interface that may require localizing. Examples include calls to action, script direction, user journey – what and how long it takes for users to complete a purchase or submit a quote request. Depending on your target audience’s cultural and linguistic expectations, all these areas could be improved, updated, and adapted to their needs, wants, and convenience.

  1. Marketing & Advertising Localization

Making your brand recognisable by an international audience is just as challenging as recreating it for a specific target market. So, let’s talk marketing, advertising, and localization. How do you advertise to your audience in Finland, for example? Is it enough to just translate your marketing copy into Finnish? The answer is “No”. First of all, you need to understand Finnish psychology just as well as you understand the language. That’s where all marketing and advertising starts. For this and all things localization, contact Pangea Global. We will get you in shape in no time.