What Are the Differences Between These ISACA Certifications?

CISA, Certified Information System Auditor

ISACA CISA certification has been released by ISACA since 1978. CISA certification has become a symbol of achievement in such professional fields as information audit, control and security and a standard recognized by the whole world. Auditors obtaining CISA in China play a vital role in the field of information security and control. The importance of information system audit is more and more recognized by domestic enterprises. Besides, it also has something to do with employment choices and personal incomes.

The populations learning CISA certification

  1. Information systems audit consultants 
  2. Traditional audit professionals 
  3. Employees responsible for information system audit
  4. Employees responsible for such work as information security management and plan 
  5. IT managers and information security managers 
  6. CISA candidates  

CISSP, Certified Information System Security Professional

<a href=”https://www.spotoclub.com/tag/cissp-dumps/”>isc cissp spoto</a> certification can reflect the level of qualification of information system security workers. It can provide new opportunities and much convenience to people working in the domain of information security to improve their qualification. CISSP certification exam is organized and managed by (ISC)2. Candidates participating in the exam should observe CISSP Code of Ethics and have at least five years of working experience in more than two fields of the eight fields of CBK.

The populations learning CISSP certification

  1. CIO, CTO, advanced IT managers, and directors of information center 
  2. CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), information security officers, and security managers 
  3. Security consultants, security auditors, and IT auditors 
  4. Security architects and security analysts
  5. Security system engineers and network architects 

CISM, Certified Information Security Member 

ISACA CISM certification is designed for personnel working in information security companies, consulting services, evaluation and certification agencies (including authorized evaluation agencies), social organizations, groups, colleges and universities, technical departments that implement information systems construction, operation and application management of enterprises and institutions. Acquiring the certificate means that the employees are equipped with the qualification and capacity of being a information security administrator. Different from other information security certifications, CISM puts more focus on the experience of project execution of information security mangers.

Other certifications put more emphasis on particular technology, working platform, product information, or initial annual work for information security. Only CISM has shifted its focus from single technology or technique to the information security management of the entire enterprise. Because of the concentration on management, CISM requires candidates should have at least five years experience of information security management. CISM ISACA exam content also highlights the regular work of information security managers.

The populations learning CISM certification

  1. CIO, advanced IT managers, Chief Security Officer of enterprise information, and directors of information center
  2. Information audit professionals and IT auditors 
  3. Managers and technical workers responsible for information security management and plan
  4. Insiders of information security industry, IT and security consultants 
  5. Any personnel need to manage, design, supervise, or assess organization information security 
  6. Employees have three to five years experience of information security management 


CISM focuses on management experience. In the aspect of management, G.R.C and work practice of managers are the core.

CISSP focuses on professional skills. In the aspect of operation, C.I.A and practitioners knowledge are the core.

ISACA CISA exam focuses on audit. The work practices of auditors are the core knowledge.

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