As a business institute, cleanliness should be a huge part of the motto, as it’s important to keep your work area, warehouse, or commercial property neat and organized. A tidy commercial environment keeps your workplace in the best condition ever, which further boosts your company’s impressions and increases employee performance. 

Nowadays, people tend to misunderstand the difference between janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. So, are you a part of this group? Let’s then get to clarify things now.

Notable differences between janitorial cleansing services and office cleaning services

Janitorial service consists of small and everyday day cleaning tasks, while commercial cleaning are bigger tasks carried out every six months or annually. For instance, regular carpet vacuuming is a part of the janitorial service, while deep carpet cleaning is said to be a commercial cleaning service. Noting the differences between the two forms of cleaning will assist in determining which one is ideal for your business and when you ought to use them.


Janitorial cleaning providers like evergreen systems seek to look after the everyday cleaning tasks of your workplace. They are known for ensuring your place stays neat and highly maintained with the level of quality service provided; your workplace will always be fit to welcome guests, clients, and customers. 

Based on your individual needs, companies book janitorial; on a day or bi-weekly basis. However, daily cleaning is still the top option for most businesses and organizations. 

Our janitorial services include cleaning the restroom, office dusting and cleaning, sweeping and cleaning hard surface floors, carpet vacuuming, getting rid of the trash, and properly cleaning and sanitizing conference rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and waiting lounges.


Unlike janitorial cleaning, the commercial cleaning service involves heavier cleaning work. Major businesses hire a professional commercial cleaning company like evergreen cleaning systems, as they’ll assist you in getting the perfect cleaning process that your workplace needs. 

Ranging from window washing to deep carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning upholstery cleaning, a reputable commercial office cleaning company provides you with a range of quality commercial cleaning services.

Our commercial cleaning services include power washing, deep carpet cleaning, windows washing, hard surface floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. 

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