What are the causes of anxiety and how to get rid of them

It okay to worry about things at times; a major presentation or an exam. However, anxiety is when people constantly worry about things that are yet to happen. This fear and stress over things mentally occupy them, all the time.

Moreover, anxiety not just ruins the mental peace of people, but their physical health suffers too. Being anxious all the time is not the normal state of a person, and so their well-being is compromised. It is hence very important to remedy the causes of anxiety to live a healthy life.

Anxiety needs to be treated

First step in treatment is diagnosing the issue. If you are constantly having anxiety and it is disrupting your life, you most likely are suffering from General Anxiety Disorder. And it won’t resolve itself; you will need medical aid.

Online doctor video consultation doctors on board that you should get help from. Moreover, certain lifestyle changes should be incorporated to help fight anxiety.

Mental Signs of Anxiety

People suffering from anxiety live in a constant state of fear. They are tensed all the time over things in the future. This also interrupts their life; they get afraid of doing things, trying new places. As a result, they are confined to few spaces only.

Moreover, these thought of things going wrong constantly preoccupies them. Therefore, they are unable to concentrate on things and their thought process is perpetually disrupted. Their anticipation over things going haywire keeps them restless. Many also start feeling depressed.

Physical Signs of Anxiety 

Anxiety takes a toll on physical health as well. It produces fight or flight response in the body. Thus, perceiving itself to be in danger, the body releases adrenaline. As a result, heartbeat increases, breathing becomes fast, body sweats more.

In the aftermath of an anxiety attack, the person ends up feeling dizzy. Moreover, the digestive system experiences malfunctioning as well.

Intense forms of anxiety can also lead to panic attacks. Such fierce is the attack that the people having it think that they are dying. This makes their condition much worse, as they get anxious about getting them, and therefore are in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety: 

Whilst the precise causes of anxiety are unknown, it is influenced by a range of factors. Anything from your genes to your environment to changes in your brain make you more prone to having anxiety disorders.

Factors leading to onset of anxiety: Certain situations aggravate anxiety and can trigger an attack. These include:

Your environment

If you are constantly surrounded by toxic people and stressful situations, you will experience more anxiety. For example, if you have a bad colleague or any financial issue or family that is constantly fighting, you will be more susceptible to anxiety.

Your Outlook

Persist negative thoughts about yourself damage your mental health. If you set yourself up for failure, you will fail, and hence get anxious. Negativity starts a vicious cycle of anxiety where you constantly sabotage yourself, yourself.

Your Diet

Not eating enough and starving can lead to a bad mood. This increases irritability and can trigger anxiety. Also, many people suffering from anxiety have a bad reaction to caffeine as it induces anxiety.

 Your Comfort Zone

Some people are introverts who loathe public settings. When they are forced into interacting with strangers and making small talk, they get really anxious. Likewise, for any form of public speaking like giving presentations etc. Ergo, whenever forced out of their comfort zone, into the public eye, these people get anxiety attacks.

Remedying Anxiety: Professional Help

There are plenty of treatments available for managing anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy, applied relaxation, medication are some types of antidotes used by psychologists to combat anxiety. Ultimately, your doctor can best guide you regarding the treatment.

A number of hospitals like Hashmani hospital have excellent psychologists available that you should consult. Once you get help, your life will definitely become easier. 

Remedying Anxiety: Help Yourself!: 

There are certain steps that you should take to help evade anxiety and its side-effects.

Perform relaxation techniques

Anxiety adversely affects the body, which perceives itself to be in danger. It then causes muscles to tense and breathing to become fast and irregular. Therefore, do breathing exercises that help release the tension in the body. Take up exercise like yoga or Pilates that help to relax the body.

Monitor the episodes

Take a note of when you get anxiety and the circumstances that make you prone to it. Likewise, stress is also a precursor to anxiety. Therefore, you should monitor your body’s response to different situations and change them if they are causing anxiety and stress. Remember, if something is costing you your mental peace, it should be stopped immediately

Take up regular exercise

Exercise helps relax the body and release serotonin, a mood enhancer. Moreover, it makes the body strong and therefore more able to deal with the adverse effects of anxiety and stress. Regular exercise also helps to release the stress hormones, which cause damage to the body. Therefore, take up exercise to improve mood and health.

Eat well

A healthy diet is very important for a healthy life. Anxiety already takes tolls on the body. Bad diet would just make it worse. Also, as mentioned previously, skipping meals also leads to anxiety. Therefore, it is vital to take well-balanced and well-timed meals.

Anxiety can cause digestive issues so take foods that have ample fiber like wholemeal bread, fruits, vegetables etc. Avoid sugar and processed food as they lower immunity, making an already vulnerable body worse.

Caffeine Consumption

People with anxiety are more prone to having adverse reactions to caffeine. They become jittery, experience tremors etc. There, it is best to lay off caffeine and invest more in decaf beverages.

Sleep Well

Anxiety disrupts sleep, as the person gets overtaken by stressful thoughts. They therefore lose out on precious sleep time, which affects their mood adversely. Hence, it is best to stick to a strict sleeping routine. Go to bed on fixed time, do not use phones etc. in bed. This conditions the body to a sleep routine, so anxiety is less able to cause loss in sleep-time.

 Anxiety is a condition that usually gets ignored. What people fail to realize is that chronic anxiety greatly decreases the quality of life. Doctor and self-discipline will aid you in getting better. Get the help you need to live the life you deserve.


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