What Are the Best Ways to Market a Local Towing Service?

There are nearly 70 million auto breakdowns in the US each year. While these breakdowns occur across the country, that still means that a local towing service has access to a substantial market of potential customers. Of course, that’s assuming they know about your tow truck service or can find it.

Unlike other service businesses, very few people make appointments with a towing service. You get called out during stressful moments, which means your potential customers likely won’t search long for a towing business. So, how do you market your local towing service so customers come to you when their car ends up stranded on the side of the road?

Keep reading for a few key small business marketing approaches you can use.

Online Presence

One of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing methods you can use is a strong online presence. You can set up a basic website using a free content management system like WordPress.

You can even build a fairly complex website with advanced features like booking options. More advanced options typically require subscription plugins, but those costs generally pale when compared with something like a TV ad. 

You can also set up a business account on social media sites. For example, a business like Express Towing Services Corporation could set up a Facebook business with contact details and service hours.

Word of Mouth

One of the most powerful forms of advertising is referrals from word of mouth. Word of mouth isn’t a mysterious thing, although some businesses struggle with achieving it.

These kinds of referrals almost always stem from providing an excellent customer experience. In fact, it’s likely more important during high-stress events like an auto breakdown. Focus training on good customer service.

You can also follow up with customers and ask them to refer you.

Work with Insurance and Roadside Assistance Companies

Many insurance companies offer their customers roadside assistance as an add-on service or as part of the insurance package. Since insurance companies don’t want to manage a nationwide fleet of tow trucks, they outsource the work to local towing businesses. Many roadside assistance companies operate the same way.

You can contact the companies directly and ask about becoming a towing service provider. You can also look for a service provider application form on their websites. The companies will expect you to provide documentation about your business — such as a business license and insurance information — before they’ll consider you for a contract.

Once you’re in their system, they’ll refer customers to you.

Marketing Your Local Towing Service

Marketing your local towing service is a little different from other local business marketing. Your customer won’t normally stop by the shop. Instead, they look for you in emergencies.

That means you must simplify their search for you. Work on a strong online presence with a website and social media profiles. Encourage word of mouth.

You can also partner with insurance and roadside assistance companies that will refer business your way.

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