What are the Best Ways to Encourage Yourself to Study?

Studying is vital to ensure you are able to obtain the qualifications and certifications required for your future and your dream career. However, it can be difficult to push past your state of procrastination and focus on the task at hand, especially if you are studying for a subject that you do not like or which you struggle with. If this is the case, here are some of the top ways that you can encourage yourself to sit down and study.

·        Arrange a Post-Examination Reward

Arranging a reward for the post-examination period will enable you to relax after your hard work and give you cause to celebrate your achievements. In order to motivate yourself throughout the study period, you should book this post-examination reward in advance, as it will give you an aim to work towards and look forward to as you work. To find the best post-examination events and rewards near you, ticketsales.com offers a wide variety of concerts, shows, and sporting events to encourage you to put pen to paper.

·        Study in 20 Minute Periods

Rather than push yourself to complete your revision in one long study session, you should split your studying into 20 minute periods to avoid a loss of motivation and interest. This will ensure that you can maintain the peak of your concentration for longer, and you should separate these 20 minute periods with 5-minute breaks that can allow you to recharge and prepare to focus on a new subject.

·        Create Study Games

However, one of the best ways that you can encourage yourself is to make studying fun. You can do this by inventing or buyingstudy games that allow you to learn new information without making it feel like a chore. For instance, using rhymes and songs can help facts stick in your memory, while flashcards and even board games can create fun ways to take in new information and think about facts in new ways.

·        Walk or Exercise

You should always avoid guilt-tripping yourself if you begin to procrastinate, and you should be prepared to let yourself experience emotions of ennui or dejection. Rather than let studying dishearten you, refresh your brain and your body by taking a walk or exercising. Not only will this improve your mood and ensure that you are in the right mindset for studying, but it will also allow you to take your mind off the elements that you are struggling with. Upon return to your desk, you may find that you are able to think about these problems from a different and more effective perspective.

·        Create a Great Study Environment

A cluttered desk filled with scraps of old notes and snacks can be counterproductive to the studying process. Instead of increasing your stress levels with a disorganized environment, create a space that is catered specifically to your study periods. This should be away from your bed or lounge area, and should be kept clean and tidy to allow you to focus and find the notes that you need easily.


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