What are the Best Practical Quality of Life Tips for Elderly Care Services in India?

Living alone at an old age can be hard, but with the right set of tools elder care services in India, you can help make it easy for your elders to spend time. Here are some of the best tips that you should look at:

Small Changes

Often people think they need to go through a big change to implement home care for their elders, but that isn’t the case at all. Just taking care of the small things can help you a lot in the long run.


If you have any kind of furniture that’s been lying around and has no use at all, its best that you remove it from the house, or move it to your storage or basement, if you have one. Cluttered furniture in your house can make it really hard for your elders to move around properly.

Grab Bars

If your elders have issues with walking without support properly, it’s a good idea to install some grab bars near a place where people might slip, such as your shower to toilet. They might not look good aesthetically for the house, but they are one of the best ‘quality-of-life’ hacks.

Smoke Detectors

Have some smoke detectors installed in your house, they are better devices for waking your elders compared to any other conventional devices would in case of emergencies. Look for a smoke detector that has a vibrate feature as well.


Keep the water temperature to the right level. You should understand that their skin might be more sensitive now that they are old. You can also go with anti-scald devices for showers or your taps. These are known to protect old skin and prevents any chances of burns.

Wires & Cables

Keep all the cables intact in your house, you don’t want anyone getting entangled on them and slip on the floor. Cable ties are best for managing your wires and cables properly.

Non-Skid Mats

Wherever possible, its good practice to have non-skid pads or mats placed to prevent slipping. These places can include areas such as the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen areas. Basically, any place that can become slippery due to water.

Night Light

Have some night lights installed in your house? This is essential since elders might need to visit the kitchen or bathroom during night times, these night lights will help them see clearly and find the right way around the house.


Installing some motion-based sensors can be really helpful. Not only this will keep their privacy intact, but it will also give you a chance to keep track of any suspicious activities that might happen, like burglars. Some of these devices also come with mobile apps, which help you track activities from any location possible, you don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer to do it.


If you can’t be available throughout the day with your elders due to your work or if you live far away from them, hiring a professional caretaker can also benefit a lot. These caretakers are trained professionally to help elders with their day to day activities, including bathing, cleaning, shopping, and much more. Make sure you get a certified helper for your elders. Do thorough research before hiring a caretaker.


It might feel like you don’t need to do anything to take care of your aging parents, but the truth is far from that. Add these simple but effective tips for elder care in India & your parents will be thankful that everything is taken care of.