What Are The Best Models of Bridgestone’s Run-Flat Tyres

Do you wish to keep on moving even after a puncture has occurred? Yes! You read it correctly. It is possible to move a bit further even after a puncture, but it is not possible with your regular hatchback tyres. You may ask- what are these special types of tyres that will help you run for long even after a puncture too?

Should you buy summer tyres or winter tyres? Surprisingly, both the answers are incorrect.

But do not worry! We have just the answer you are looking for. In order to drive for considerable distances after encountering a puncture, we advise you to purchase a premium set of run-flat tyres. These tyres buy you an adequate amount of time, just enough, to reach an auto garage safely. But you should never drive run-flat tyres beyond their safe distance, or you will encounter a blowout.

Another added benefit of buying run-flats is that just like a tubeless tyre they can be repaired quickly. But it is recommended that one should not drive their car when the tyres have lost a significant amount of pressure.

For more information, check your tyre manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the tyre’s safe drivable distance.

Now the question arises, which run-flat tyres are best for you? Do not worry! We have prepared a list of excellent run-flat tyres offered by Bridgestone especially for you.

Potenza S001An innovative construction and an excellent tyre tread make Potenza stand out among the other models of tyres available in the market. If you like drifting and seek exceptional cornering, consider Potenza S001 a boon. Potenza S001 is built with high grip shoulder blocks, which improves the braking of a car by up to 70 per cent.

Did you expect more?

Notable features offered by Potenza S001:

  • High-speed performance for your sports car

  • Excellent control even on wet roads

  • Outstanding grip and precision response

Potenza RE050Do you spend a massive sum of money on your sports cars and sedans? Then why not buy the best tyres Newark as well? Potenza RE050 is designed to provideyour car with exceptional performance in the summers.

Fun Fact: Premium car companies such as Mercedez Benz and Enzo Ferrari use RE050 model of Bridgestone Tyres as original equipment for their cars.

What else does the RE050 offers?

  • Directional tread design for increased stability

  • Lateral tread grooves that help to avoid hydroplaning

  • Uniform handling because of fabric cord body

Bridgestone DriveguardThis innovative Bridgestone tyres Newark alerts you about your tyre’s pressure. Isn’t that amazing! Moreover, it provides a maximum of 50 miles at about 50 MPH as the distance you can travel safely after the tyre has encountered a puncture in the middle of the road.


If that’s not enough have a look at some other outstanding features of this tyre mentioned below:

  • Pre-installed TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system

  • Heat resistant tyres, resulting in less noise

  • Excellent sidewalls for maximised air pressure

If you are interested in buying run-flat tyres for your car, visit us, at farnsfield auto centre. We offer all kinds of tyres at great deals and amazing offers.