What are the best foods to strengthen hair?

One of the biggest concerns that women have is that their hair looks strong, beautiful, and healthy. This can sometimes be complicated because although we may not believe it, the impossible pace at work, heart attack schedules, and not sleeping 7 hours (at least) make our hair look weak and damaged.

To all this is added the “handicap” that sometimes, due to lack of time (and desire), we do not eat adequate food. In the rush, we grab the first thing we see in the fridge or buy prepared food that barely contains vitamins and nutrients. What little by little makes our hair look sloppy and without its natural shine.

Turning your diet around is always tricky. But rest assured that today we bring you the solution since we reveal the list of the most recommended foods to strengthen hair.  Take note!

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1. To the rich avocado

The appreciated avocado is considered one of the best foods for any diet, it is a source of proteins, amino acids and contains vitamins B and E. This helps to strengthen and protect the hair by acting as a powerful repairer. It will be very easy to include it in our salads or have it seasoned on toast.

2. Nuts to power

They have always told us that a handful of nuts is great for our diet (a great truth) but for fear of gaining weight we do not usually take it. The preferred ones by dietitians are walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews because they have large amounts of zinc, selenium, and vitamin B, which favors hair growth.

An easy and fast way to take them is to include them in cakes (always fit) or with cereals, with breakfast, since they provide a lot of energy and we burn them throughout the day.

3.Green I love you green

Green leafy vegetables are essential elements to improve the oxygenation of our scalp as they provide iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. The more intense their color, the more nutrients they have and the more they strengthen the hair. Therefore, foods such as spinach, lamb’s lettuce, broccoli, or lettuce will be our best allies in this battle to strengthen hair.

4.Super seeds

Small sunflower seeds and chia are considered today’s superfoods. These give our body fiber, calcium, protein, Omega 3, iron, and potassium (and only in one tablespoon). A great alternative to include them in your diet is to add them to yogurt or salads.

5. Citrus touches

Lemon and orange are vitamin C in their pure state, these opposites help the absorption of iron as well as its formation. They also favor the synthesis of collagen, one of the tissues that is responsible for giving our hair a healthy and glowing appearance. So now you know, orange juice or a lemon dressing will be enough to achieve our goal.

 6.  Carrot the queen of the table

This rich food is famous for being full of beta carotene, perfect for achieving an enviable tan, and considered an essential element for skincare. In addition, the carrot contains a multiplicity of antioxidants, minerals, sugar, vitamin E, C, and potassium, all of them with the magnificent gift of strengthening our hair.

7. Cereals of all kinds

Cereals are the main ingredient in any good breakfast, they help us fight a tough routine with strength and energy. They also become favorites thanks to their high fiber content, which helps hair cuticles and restores hair from root to tip.

8. It’s the milk!

Drinking two glasses of milk a day has always been and will be one of the healthiest and most recommended habits for our body because it is the food that provides the most calcium to our body. In addition, calcium will help us fight hair loss . In addition, calcium is the main element that fights brittle hair. Getting into the routine of drinking a glass of milk before bed will be very easy and will help us to rest quickly and peacefully.

9. the Fish source of Omega-3

Salmon is a food that has a spectacular flavor and not only that, it provides an incredible content of Omega-3 and vitamin B. For this reason, its daily consumption is highly recommended as it provides elasticity and firmness to our hair.

10. Eggs and more eggs

Eggs are the king of protein and vitamin B12. Both are very important for our body as they help oxygenate the hair follicles and reduce hair loss. In addition, the white contains a large amount of iron and has a mild and pleasant taste. A perfect option to strengthen hair.

Now you know what foods to strengthen hair we should include in our diet daily to get hair full of life.