What Are the Best Flowers to Give Your Loved Ones?

Giving the gift of beautiful flowers is the ultimate present, no matter the occasion. There’s no better way to tell someone you care about them than with a gorgeous bouquet.

You might be wondering what are the best flowers to give as gifts, and which types of flowers are best suited to different moments.

Carry on reading for your guide to choosing flowers for different occasions.

For Birthdays

When looking to give someone flowers for their birthday, bold and colorful options tend to be the best. Sunflowers and peonies are two excellent options.

If your loved one enjoys pressing flowers, why not go for a flat-blooming plant, like violets or daisies? The other best flowers to press include poppies and pansies.

In addition to bouquets, flowers also make a wonderful birthday gift when they are potted and ready to go in the garden. They have the advantage of lasting much longer than cut flowers. Some of the best perennial flowers for birthday gifts include black-eyed Susans, daylilies, and foxgloves.

It’s worth noting that many florists can arrange for flower delivery worldwide. What better way to let your loved one know from afar that you’re thinking of them on their special day?

For Valentine’s Day

Is there a more romantic gift for Valentine’s Day than flowers? Let’s pick out some of the most beautiful and best smelling flowers to give to a partner.

Aside from the classic rose, red tulips traditionally signify love. They are a wonderful alternative to the rose and have a beautiful shape both when closed and in bloom. 

Another of the best cut flowers for Valentine’s Day is camellias. These flowers have long been associated with faithfulness and commitment in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Pink or red camellias make an excellent choice and will look great when placed in a vase in the home.

A final choice for a Valentine’s Day flower would be the blue iris. Not being red or pink, this is a more unusual choice that will delight the lucky recipient of your bouquet.

For Condolences

Finally, some flowers are better suited than others for wishing condolences. It goes without saying that bright, happy colors should be avoided. 

Some of the best indoor flowers to express condolences with are white blooms, such as lilies, orchids, and irises. The color white symbolizes tranquility and purity. 

A tasteful flower delivery, accompanied by a brief handwritten note, can be the perfect way to express your grief and sympathy after the loss of a loved one. An alternative idea would be to choose the favorite flower of the person who has passed – provided its petals are not limited to gaudy colors.

Those Are the Best Flowers to Give As Gifts

From rose to rhododendron, we’ve now covered the very best flowers to offer to your loved ones. Be sure to include a heartfelt message to accompany the flowers if they are being delivered to the recipient!

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