What are the Best Contact Lenses on the Market?


Changing the eye color is a fun way to experiment with your looks and freshen up the appearance. Nowadays, many people opt for colored contacts with or without a prescription option depending upon the needs. Also, you can choose a shade according to your style statement. These contact lenses come in subtle tones and dramatic colors that lift your whole looks. However, with several brands available on the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. So, our guide through the best lenses available in the market will help you make a sound purchase.

Bella Colored Contact Lenses

Bella is a well-known brand in the world of contact lenses and offers a wide range of shades. The different collections come with a unique variety with natural and dramatic results. You can either go for a subtle change or make a statement with the bright tones from this brand. The Bella contact lenses collections include:

Bella Elite Collection

This category is the bestseller collection from the brand because of the subtle tones. These lenses are perfect for daily wear and come in eight stunning shades.

Bella Glow Collection

The glow collection features nine unique shades that make an everlasting impact. These lenses add a warm glow to the eyes and provide a brightening effect.

Bella Diamond Collection

The light tones in this collection give a trendy appearance. These shades look vibrant on the eyes and cover the natural color underneath.

Bella Natural Collection

The natural collection features combinations of two different colors to form a beautiful shade. This category comes with subtle and unique shades that fall in the natural spectrum.

Bella Snow White Collection

The vibrant tints in this collection adorn precise patterns that mimic the natural look of the eye. Also, these contact lenses make your eyes appear more noticeable because of the unique shades.

Bella lenses offer a shade suitable for every taste. Also, these colors go well for a daytime or night look. Moreover, the soft texture of these lenses makes them easier to wear all day long. Bella contacts also have an intense hydration level to keep the eyes moisturized.

FreshLook Contact Lenses

FreshLook lenses give the perfect range of shades to make a dramatic change in your look. The stunning colors by this lens brand look exquisite with every skin tone. The FreshLook collections include:

FreshLook Colorblends

This best-selling collection features twelve unique shades to transform any look from day to night time. The 3-in-1 technology used in these lenses gives a natural appearance. It helps combine different tones into one for more dimension.

FreshLook Colors

The eye-catching shades in this category feature colors such as hazel, blue, green, and violet. These tones come without a limba ring for a more subtle look.

FreshLook One-Day

This brand also offers a collection for those who like changing their lenses color every day. These daily disposable lenses feature unique tones and, you can discard the pair at the end of the day.

FreshLook lenses are famous in all countries all across the world. A world-renowned company, Alcon produces these contact lenses under high standards to maintain quality. Besides, the innovative material of these lenses makes them suitable for dry, sensitive eyes. FreshLook contacts also have a high moisture level to maintain the hydration of the eyes and prevent irritation.

Glassesmart is an online venture that stocks the best-selling colored contact lenses from all across the globe. The company also provides prescription lenses for those who need vision correction. You can choose from the entire range of shades stocked on the website to find your suitable shade.