What Are The Benefits Of Ubtan?

Ubtan has been used for years. By applying ubtan, there is a glow and glow on the face. The skin becomes clean and soft. Often before the wedding, a paste of turmeric prepared from gram flour is applied to the bride, so that the skin glows on the wedding day. You can protect the skin from damage caused by pollution, dust, and soil by applying ubtan two to three times a week. By applying ubtan, blackheads, whiteheads, acne etc. It does not have any side effects on the skin, as it is a natural way to keep the skin beautiful and healthy. It does not contain chemicals. You can make it easily at home. We are telling you about how to make two easy homemade Ubtan…

1. Rubbing of sandalwood

Wedding season is on. Those who are going to get married, they will be engaged in taking special care of their face. Especially, girls take special care of their skin. You may be using many products to make the skin soft, clean, glowing, which can also have side effects. It is not advisable to take any risk at the time of marriage. In such a situation, you should apply homemade ubtan. This will make the skin glow. If you are working, then using Ubtan will be more beneficial.

2. Ubtan made from gram flour

Women apply Besan ubtan the most. Applying gram flour (Ubtan for Glowing Skin) removes tanning of the skin. It also helps in protecting the skin from sunburn. The ingredients present in it help in bringing glow, glow on the skin. Along with this, the scars caused by acne also start reducing.

How to make and apply sandalwood paste?

Peel the cucumber. Add gram flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric, rose oil, curd and mix well. Apply this ubtan from face to neck and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. Within a week, the difference will be visible on the face.

In the olden days, grandmothers used to use home-made home-made scrubs to bring glow and radiance to the skin. Ubtan was used not only as a face wash but also as a bath soap. Due to which the skin got glow, as well as there were no side effects. Although not only elderly women are advised to use ubtan, but Ayurveda medicine also recommends the use of ubtan face mask for glowing and healthy skin. Ubtan is also used during this period, but only as a ritual in marriage or to take off colors on Holi. But if you want to adopt home remedies to bring glow and radiance to your skin, get rid of pigmentation and acne scars, then you can use it daily as a bath soap and face wash. Let us know how Ubtan can be made and used.

Take two to three tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Add two tablespoons of gram flour to it and add three teaspoons of rose water. Along with this, add half a teaspoon of turmeric and a tablespoon of cream to it. Mix all these together. Apply this waste on the body and face and after two minutes scrub with light hands and take a bath. This will make the skin glow; the skin will be soft as well as the dirt will also come out. Problems like acne, pimples and pigmentation will also be reduced using ubtan.

Take two to three tablespoons of gram flour. Add one spoon of turmeric to it and add two spoons of rose water. Along with this, add one spoon of almond oil and two spoons of lemon juice to it. Mix all these well and prepare a thick paste. Now apply this waste on your body and face and scrub with light hands and clean the body and face. This will bring glow and softness to the skin, as well as problems like pimples, pimples and itching will also go away.

Lentil dal-milk-almond rub

Soak one cup of red lentils and four almonds in a cup of milk overnight. Make a paste by grinding it finely in the morning. Apply this ubtan on your body and face like a bath soap and face wash and scrub it with light hands, after which take a shower. This will make the skin soft and glowing. Along with this, the problem of back acne and face acne will also reduce gradually.

Multani Mitti-Olive Oil Rubbing

Soak multani mitti in milk for three-four hours and keep it. If there is no milk then you can also soak it in water. When it gets wet, it will become like a thick paste. Add two spoons of olive oil to it. If you want, you can also add almond oil. Also, add two-three spoons of rose water to it. Mix all these well and apply this rubbish on the body and face before bathing, then after five minutes remove it after scrubbing and take a shower. This will make the skin glowing and soft. Along with this, you will also get rid of pimples, prickly and acne.