What are the benefits of the GRC planter box?

Are you looking for the best planter boxes that will work with your design of a modern and attractive building? GRC planter boxes provide a great look that will help to bring any space to life. The expansion of GRC is nothing but Glass reinforced concrete, which is perfect for planting a range of trees, shrubs and other small plants. Glass reinforced concrete planter boxes are a great product for sustainable projects. GRC planter boxes are becoming more popular with landscapers, architects and developers across Australia. It is widely developing in some Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra etc. The reason for its popularity is due to the advantages of Glass reinforcing imaging planter boxes. 


The wreathing characteristics of Glass reinforced imaging planter boxes are best as any other precast material. Glass reinforced imaging (GRC) planter boxes have no risk of corrosion, and it does not require further maintenance because it uses alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibres throughout the matrix.

 Glass reinforced imaging (GRC) can be enhanced for greater protection and durability. In addition, it offers additional resistance to impact weather, water and graffiti. Glass reinforced imaging has been tested and proven to withstand various weather conditions and it has a superior capacity to retain its desired look through entire climate conditions. 

Lightweight and strong

GRC provides a concrete finish look, but it is lighter and easier to work with the form. The strength to weight ratio of GRC is much greater than the traditional wet poured concrete. Glass reinforced imaging (GRC) can be 75% lighter than a similar piece of traditional precast concrete, and it is manufactured to a skin thickness of 12mm. The lower weight of the panes makes the GRC planter boxes easier and cheaper to handle with less transportation cost. 

The tensile strength of glass fibre is 3 to 4 times greater than the equivalent steel fibre, so Glass reinforced imaging planter boxes have high compressive and tensile strength. In addition, the panels of Glass reinforced imaging reduce perimeter columns and loadings on foundations. This can help to save superstructure and foundation design.  


It can reproduce any small or large design accurately, including ornate patterns, historical ornaments and complex shapes. Glass reinforcing the imaging planter box offers unrivalled creativity. The Glass reinforced imaging material can be finished in a wide range of textures and colours, and it gives greater control over the surface details and quality of finish.

Environmentally friendly

The thin section of Glass reinforced imaging consumes less raw material and energy during the process of manufacturing. As it requires less energy for the manufacturing process, it results in less carbon footprint. It is an environmentally friendly product that is made from naturally occurring raw material. In addition, this product contains no petroleum-based chemicals. As a result, it provides significantly lower environmental impacts during transportation and installation due to the lower weight and thickness of Glass reinforced imaging (GRC) panels. 

Wrapping up

In simple words, GRC is water, weather, chemical, fire and impact resistance. All these features of Glass reinforced imaging (GRC) planter boxes make it widely popular among people. It serves you with a lot of benefits. 


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