What Are the Benefits of Installing Window Tints on My Car?

You love your car. The only downside is that there was no window tint when you bought it and the sun beating on your arm is giving you a driver’s tan!

Tinted windows help block out those UV rays, but it’s an investment. Depending on the make and model of your car, window tinting cost about $100 to $200.

But what kinds of benefits can you expect from window tinting? Are those benefits worth the investment?

We put together a quick guide to the kinds of window tints you can choose and the top benefits. Keep reading to learn everything you know before you get behind the wheel again.

Benefits of Window Tinting

If you’re going to drop a bunch of money on anything, it had better have a bunch of benefits. The good news is that window tinting has tons of benefits for you and your car. Here are a few of our favorite auto window tinting benefits.

Reducing Your Gas Mileage

When you have window tinting, your car works less to cool your interior to a comfortable temperature. Since the car isn’t working as hard, it uses less gasoline.

Over time, the gas savings will pay for the tinting installation and then some. You have to love it when you spend money and then it pays you back!

UV Blocking Qualities

UV rays cause damage to both your skin and to the interior finishes in your car. In the case of your skin, it leaves you with an odd tan on one side of your body. For your car, the dash and seats get bleached and brittle after long periods of brutal sun rays beating through the car windows.

When you tint your windows, you won’t see anymore embarrassing uneven tans or bleached and cracked dashboards. It acts like a barrier protecting you and your car’s interior from the harmful UV rays.

In-Car Privacy

Have you ever sat at a red light and seen the person in the car next to you staring at you. It’s super creepy and leaves you feeling vulnerable.

Depending on the kind of tint you use, the windows look darker and make it hard for people to see inside your car when you roll up the windows. That kind of privacy feels good when the creepers can’t stare you down anymore.

It Looks Cooler

Some people think that a car looks more attractive with window tinting. The fact that you can’t see inside without opening a door or window gives the car a little bit of mystery and allure.

Whether you choose a metallic tint or a fancy matte tint, having windows that look like more than standard clear glass gives your car a more custom look. Make sure the tint you choose suits your style and needs best.

Types of Window Tints

Window tinting has evolved quite a bit over the years. These days, there’s a few common types of window tint that you’ll see. Here are some of the most common kinds of window tinting on the market.

Metalized Tinting

This kind of tinting comes in film form and has microscopic metal particles laid into it. This metal gives the windows a shiny metallic look and helps reflect the sun’s rays.

Metallic tint film also has amazing strength and gives your windows extra shatterproof qualities. So, it helps make your car safer too!

Dyed Tint

For car owners on a budget, this is the tint method for you! Auto tint dye gives you most of the same great benefits as other tint methods at a fraction of the cost.

After several layers of dye, the darker windows will absorb the UV rays before they enter your car. Keep in mind that the dye will fade over time. Make sure to redo the dye when this happens.

Hybrid Tinting

Can’t choose between metalized tinting and dye tinting? Then, why not choose both!

Hybrid tinting films look less metallic than the metalized tinting but not as dark as the tinting dye. It’s a great happy medium for those looking for the goldilocks of auto tinting!

Crystalline Tinting

If you don’t like the dark window look, try crystalline auto window tinting. This kind of tint blocks UV rays and the heat that comes with it without darkening your windows.

Carbon Tint Film

Carbon tint film has a unique matte look that offers all the UV blocking benefits you’re looking for. This kind of tinting takes a beating and lasts much longer than other tints like the tinting dye.

Ceramic Tinting

Some of the top window tinting services offer ceramic tinting that offers amazing UV blocking abilities without obstructing your view. Another great benefit of ceramic tinting is that it doesn’t affect electronic devices inside your vehicle as the metallic tinting particles do!

This is a new type of window tinting, and as such, it is still pretty expensive. But many people say the benefits and appearance of the ceramic tint outweigh the cost.

Sometimes You Need to Throw a Little Shade

With so many amazing benefits, it’s a no brainer. Getting your windows tinted is well worth the money it costs upfront!

Make sure you do your research and choose a well-rated company to make sure you get quality tinting installed the right way. Cut-rate tinting will peel off in no time!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about window tints. If you’re looking for more fascinating articles about technology. travel, lifestyles, and much more check out the rest of our blogs today!