What are the benefits of having a filtered water dispenser at Home?

Drinking enough water daily is essential for your health. Dehydration, warming of your body temperature, constipation, and even kidney stones can result from a lack of water.  

The recommended daily water consumption is 2 liters, although some people may not be able to drink that much. This is because of factors such as the inconvenience of single-use water bottles or the lack of ready-to-drink water. 

Finding safe and ready-to-drink water is virtually fast thanks to the technology and convenience provided by hot and cold water dispensers.

The top seven residential uses for a water dispenser


The refill station is simple to operate thanks to the one-touch refill button. The sleek design is appealing to children, who will want to use the dispenser themselves. Keep a step stool nearby and encourage them to drink more water as well. 

The recessed nozzle also keeps the nozzle from coming into direct contact with the dispenser or the mouth of the water bottle.

The fill area can accommodate any size container, from a coffee mug to a gallon jug. And, because it auto-replenishes every time clean water is supplied, no one needs to be in charge of replacing a water jug or repurchasing a case of water bottles. 

The incorporation of a foot pedal as a new design option simplifies and eliminates interaction. This helps to keep surfaces clean and prevents germs from spreading.Installing a filtered water dispenser in the home makes it easy for busy families that need to fill up on their way out the door. 

Whether you’re returning to the office, attending a school function, or taking a family road trip, having kitchen appliances like filtered water available anytime you need it is advantageous.


Before being distributed, the FloWater built-in filtration system passes tap water through seven sophisticated degrees of water purification. It’s difficult to beat as a top filtered water dispenser for household usage. 

It works better than other water filtering systems on the market and produces better-tasting water. Each process is intended to increase the water’s quality and taste for everyone’s enjoyment.The first three stages of filtration remove up to 99 percent of all sediment, contaminants, chemicals, and pollutants often found in tap water, providing you and your family with healthier, cleaner, and better-tasting water. Dirt, insecticides, germs, and a variety of other elements are included. 

It also eliminates any unusual tastes or odors that may be present in the water source or pipelines.The following three phases concentrate on increasing the water’s quality and flavor. The enhanced oxygen stage acts as a natural self-sanitizer for the system and water tanks. It also improves the flavor of the water by providing an additional molecule of oxygen.

An alkaline enhancer adds a special combination of 10 trace minerals to the water in the fifth stage to boost the pH level and counteract acidity in the body. Unbalanced meals, stress, and environmental pollutants all contribute to acid accumulation. This, among other things, can cause muscle pains, stomach pain, and nausea.

In the sixth phase, electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium are added to help you stay energetic and hydrated. Each of them provides unique health advantages while avoiding the extra sweets and calories found in other electrolyte-enhanced beverages. 

Finally, the water is filtered through a coconut carbon filter, which employs actual coconut husks to eliminate any remaining contaminants and provide the water’s distinct, delightful flavor.


Having a filtered water dispenser for household usage provides a long-term solution that lowers the need for plastic in the home. Purchasing plastic water bottles or plastic water jugs as an alternative to drinking tap water has been popular for many years. 

However, the quantity required to meet a family’s water demands soon mounts up. You’re likely to go through several cases of bottled water in a month, some of which will be recycled, but most will wind up in the landfill.

It takes hundreds of years for plastic garbage to degrade on its own. This adds significantly to landfill overflow, with the vast bulk of plastic garbage ending up in the ocean. It pollutes marine ecology and harms the environment by releasing poisons into the air. You may avoid the use of plastic by installing an at-home water filter and enjoy endless clean, cooled water anytime you need it.

Aside from reducing plastic waste, the refill station has LED lighting and an energy-saving sleep mode to reduce your family’s carbon impact and power expense.


Once installed by a FloWater professional, there is very little work on your part. It’s ideal to wipe off the front panels at least once a week, but other than that, the refill station is built to run without any continuing care.It has a strong drain pump and a built-in drain system, so there’s no need to empty a drain tray or worry about standing water that might promote mold.

 Furthermore, the collecting tray aids in the reduction of dirt and grime buildup, reducing the likelihood of a clogged drain.The activated oxygen available in the fourth step of the filtering process cleans the internal system and stainless steel tanks for chemical-free sanitization. Furthermore, most filters only need to be replaced once a year. It’s convenient to have a water system that doesn’t require much maintenance or upkeep.


Fresh, clear water on demand is useful for busy families of all sizes. In addition to keeping everyone hydrated with their regular water consumption, the FloWater system may be used for cooking, making coffee, and storing up for excursions or activities. 

Drinking water instead of a soda or sports drink may be difficult, but the amazing flavor of FloWater encourages everyone to avoid sugary drinks and drink more water.

According to a consumer study, families that have a filtered water dispenser at home are 76% more likely to drink water, 77% will use a refillable container, and 54% will minimize their intake of other beverages. 

One glass of water at a time helps to establish healthy habits in the house. You can guarantee your family has clean water with them anytime they leave the house despite restricted access to public vending machines and water fountains.

The benefits of having a filtered water dispenser for household use are well worth the expense. It offers a low-cost, easy, long-term solution that everyone may utilize. There is no additional maintenance, cleaning, or plastic waste. With increased time spent at home, there are conveniences for your space that you may not have considered previously.

You will save both money and energy

If you are planning to buy a water dispenser at DIY shops in Singapore, you will definitely save both money and energy. Did you know that household water machines use very little energy? They can offer 7 liters of chilled water and 15 liters of hot water every hour for as low as 15p a day, and that’s what we call a steal! When not in use, you includes an adjustable power on/off option as well as a choice of sleep modes to guarantee you only pay for the energy you consume.

It is beneficial to your health.

It’s no secret that filtered water from a water dispenser is excellent for your health. The advantages are tenfold, including skin hydration, vitamin absorption, detoxification, digestion, and a lower risk of cancer due to the removal of pollutants like chlorine and lead. But don’t worry, the multi-stage filtration, which includes a silver-coated carbon block and clever UV filtering, eliminates the harmful things from your water while retaining the natural necessary minerals that are beneficial for you! In essence, they will quench your thirst and provide your body with all of the essential minerals found in bottled water for a fraction of the cost!

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