What Are the Benefits of Hand Sanitizer?

Did you know that hand sanitizer with just 60% alcohol is an effective way to avoid getting sick and the spread of germs? Although washing your hands is more effective at killing specific types of germs, it is not always a plausible solution. When you can’t get to a bathroom, having hand sanitizer handy can save the day.

Read on to learn about the many benefits of hand sanitizer.


One of the most well-known benefits of hand sanitizer is that it kills germs and supports cleanliness.

Even though this is one of the main advantages of hand sanitizer, people question if they really are effective. Hand sanitizers are a great way to keep your hands clean, especially if you can’t wash your hands.


Washing your hands all of the time is not possible because you aren’t always near a sink. Luckily, hand sanitizer is always available because there are so many portable options. Since they come in small bottles, they are easy to stuff in your pocket or bag.

Portability makes hand sanitizers more convenient for anyone. You also don’t need water to use them. You can clean your hands anytime, anywhere.

Prevents Dry Skin

Another one of the hand sanitizer benefits is that it can prevent dry skin. That is, if you find one that does not contain alcohol.

One of the reasons to wash your hands instead of opting for hand sanitizer is that it won’t make your hands feel as dry. This is true for hand sanitizers that contain alcohol because it acts as a skin irritant.

But hand sanitizers without alcohol exist and can make your skin feel smooth and soft. You no longer need to worry about the irritating feeling of dry skin.

Useful in Crowds

Because of COVID-19, many are reducing their time spent with people. However, there are still some places where it may feel a little too crowded for you. This could be at a school, market, or in the office.

No matter how hard everyone tries to social distance, it is still possible for germs to pass from one person to another.

In places like these, you may feel uncomfortable using a public bathroom for the same germy reason. Instead, use hand sanitizer when you are feeling overwhelmed by people. You can periodically clean your hands this way to help stop the spread of germs in certain areas.

Many hand sanitizers, like this peppermint hand sanitizer, are strong enough to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. This includes the COVID-19 virus. You can keep your hands clean by killing bacteria anywhere you go and keep your hands smelling good when you use hand sanitizer.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become a huge topic of conversation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the benefits of hand sanitizer go beyond killing the virus. Using portable sanitizers keeps your hands clean, smelling good, and soft.

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