What Are The Benefits Of Grain Free Cat Food

Protein is one of the essential ingredients in cat foods, and it is vital to ensure a balanced diet. Cats being carnivores do not have an affinity for eating vegetables and would be happy to thrive on meat and fish. Although cats’ typical diet includes meat (beef, pork, chicken, or fish), some grains and vegetables might be an option. Since the ingredients are common to human foods, commercial pet foods are byproducts of human food production. Although cats eat grains, the starchy material does not suit its digestive system that cannot break down the food particles. The body constitution and metabolism in cats lack the enzyme that helps break down the grainy foods, which has led to the development of the best grain free dry cat food.

Grain free diet means gluten free too

Removing grain from the cat’s diet ensures that it is free from gluten too. However, a gluten-free diet does not have much relevance for cats because it is an aspect that is important for humans only.  As many people are allergic to gluten, the popularity of a gluten-free diet is growing among humans. Since such allergies are extremely rare in cats, a gluten-free diet does not have a role to play in cat health. But there are some health benefits of a grain-free diet for cats as it ensures easy digestion that boosts the metabolism and improves cat health.

Easy to digest

Making cat food easily digestible is one of the benefits of grain free cat foods. Cats do not have to consume grains that are starchy and difficult to break down by the digestive system. The lack of salivary amylase enzyme is the reason for cats being unable to digest starchy foods.  Grains used in car food act as fillers besides supplying carbohydrates, but it is not crucial for cat health. Cats, too, can survive with a low cab diet, which is a reason for the grain-free diet’s popularity.

More protein

The lack of grain or filler in cat food is compensated with protein which means that grain free cat food has high protein content, which is a source of energy and supports muscle development. In addition, the amino acids in protein help cats have a strong build, and high-quality protein contains more essential amino acids. Therefore, when choosing a grain-free food for your cat, you must ensure that it has high protein content.

More fat

Fat is essential for cats for the same reasons why it is vital for humans. Fat is an energy source that fills the gap dues to vats unable to produce their fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for brain development and the nervous system. It also enhances vision and improves hearing ability.

Minerals and vitamins

To lend the proper balance to a grain-free diet, the producers add ample quantities of vitamins and minerals to cat food to ensure that the feline receives overall nutrition. From vitamins A, B, D, E, and K to minerals like ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, etc. is present in the food.