What are the benefits of drawer slides for kitchen?

When building a kitchen or even a small extension, it can be hard to come up with a way of integrating some open shelving. It’s a great way to increase storage space in small kitchens, but often it doesn’t offer a great way to bring everything together in one place. As an alternative to open shelving, drawer slides offer a neat, elegant solution. The drawer slide supplier will supply the drawer slide for your business.

Whether you’re considering replacing drawers with sliding doors or making some space in a new unit to add drawers, consider the advantages of drawer slides. Read on to find out more about them.

What are drawer slides?

Drawer slides are simply hinges that you slide up and down the inside of the drawer, allowing you to open and close drawers while providing more storage space for all your kitchen appliances. The slots that the slides slide through allow you to either store flat items that you’d prefer to not take up shelf space, or for larger items you want to keep secure and out of the way, such as saucepans.

What can you do with drawer slides?

You can place these in drawers, or anywhere in your kitchen, or even in your hallway to store games, or whatnot. You can even put them in the sides of cupboards to create extra storage space.

How can you store appliances with drawer slides?

Simply slide up a drawer, inside the gap left by the sliding lock. When it’s time to use your appliance, slide it out of the slot, then slide the drawer back down to lock the appliance in place.

Can you use drawer slides on a movable kitchen worktop?

You can, but you won’t get a huge amount of storage space. These slide up and down, but they don’t go up to the height of a movable worktop. A good alternative to drawer slides is magnetic or other fixed cabinets. A lot of models are now available to install on your existing wall, providing more stowaway space for all your things.

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Incorporating drawer slides

It’s easy to incorporate drawer slides into a kitchen. Firstly, it’s good to think about how you’ll use the space available. Will you be putting flat items in the shelves, or keeping larger items away from the reach of small children and pets?

It can be hard to fit cabinet doors into a drawer slot, so you might need to go for a sliding door system. These slides can usually be attached to the outside of a standard-sized door.

If you have space to spare, you can mount your cabinets to the wall to provide more stowaway space. You can then install drawer slides to take the place of the drawer.

Your choice of fridge

Consider how many shelves are available to you, as well as where the fridge will sit. Make sure the width of the doors can accommodate your shelves, and that you can fit a fridge in the space.

Kitchen appliances

Large appliances such as fridges, solar solutions dishwashers and ovens can take up a lot of room. Ensure you consider the size of your appliances when building your kitchen, as this could have a big impact on how much space you have available to store them.

Before installing your kitchen cabinet doors, double-check the measurements are correct. There may be an area near the bottom of the doors that are slightly smaller, or a gap around the doors that are slightly larger. Check that your fit is accurate before installing.

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