What are the benefits of compression stockings?

It increases blood flow to restore “fresh legs”. Compression stockings have a high degree of compression and are special socks that can be worn from the foot to the knee or thigh. In some cases, they come in the form of tights that reach to the waist. Compression stockings are also available as “sleeves”, footless socks that extend from the ankle to the knee. These special stockings have a pressure gradient (tighter in the foot and gradually less towards the knees or thighs.) When worn correctly, they reduce swelling in the feet and improve venous circulation in the legs.

Compression stockings or socks are a conservative method of treating conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), varicose veins, lymphedema and post thrombotic syndrome (PTS). Compression stockings can also help prevent blood clots in the legs. It is important to know that compression stockings do not eliminate varicose veins. They only help control the discomfort that this vein disease can cause.

Highly elastic fabric

Compression stockings use a special fabric made of strong elastic to put pressure on the muscles in the legs, ankles and feet. This compression on surface veins forces blood out of the veins in the legs and back to the heart. This helps your legs feel lighter and reduces pain and discomfort associated with an underlying vein condition.


Support socks are called “graduated” because they are designed to put more pressure on the ankle and foot and gradually reduce the pressure placed on the leg. This promotes the natural return of blood to the heart.

Many varicose vein patients wear compression stockings after surgery on their legs. They help minimize bruising and clot formation in the treated veins. It’s a good idea to wear compression stockings for about 10-14 days after the procedure.

Degree of compression

The degree of compression is not the same for all compression stockings. One brand is considerably tighter than the other brand.

  • For example, the brands Stox and Herzog are very tight 23-32 mmHg (graduated compression).
  • In contrast, the Newzill brand is still tight yet less 20-30mmHg (metered compression). It is just what you like yourself.

Are compression stockings only suitable for runners?

In addition to running, compression stockings are also ideal if you have a profession where you are on your feet a lot. For example, if you are a nurse or hairdresser, or if you work in a restaurant, your legs and feet can use extra support.

What can compression socks do for you?

Compression socks are perfect socks for daily use that promote blood circulation. When we sit or stand for a long time, we rob our body of a very natural function. When we walk or jog, we move our legs in a swinging motion, which automatically causes our calf muscles The alternating flexion and relaxing movement of the calf muscles act as a built-in pump in the lower legs to help blood circulate, and STOCK compression socks mimic this process through degressive compression. When a person is immobile for a longer period of time, such as for example occupations where sitting or standing for a long time is normal or when traveling by plane, train, bus or car, then this pumping action of the calf muscles is disabled”.

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