What are the Benefits of Becoming an Eyelash Extension Artist?

There are several reasons to become an eyelash extension artist. In the past few years, lash extensions have exploded in popularity in the UK and globally. It has become a booming segment of the beauty industry that does not appear to be going anywhere soon. People are looking to enhance their beauty with thicker, longer, fuller lashes.

The main thing you need to dive into this business is technical knowledge. You can take a lash extension course to make a living on flexible schedules. Lash artists love what they do, and we want to let you in on why. However, we’ll get the bad stuff out of the way before getting into the great ones.

The Downside of Being an Eyelash Extension Artist

Working From Home

This makes both our lists. It is here because working from home would mean inviting strangers into your personal space which could be discomforting. There is also the real risk of theft and people discovering parts of you that you would rather not make public. If you have only a client or two at your house at one time, they would be easy to keep an eye on.

Another issue is that you cannot slack in maintaining a clean and tidy home. An unappealing environment can put off a client, so consider dedicating a space to work from.

Dealing With Difficult Clients

Working as a freelancer means you would have to deal with client complaints, rude people and those who are late for their appointments. This can be challenging, but it comes in the business owner package. After a while, you would be better able to interact and handle clients.

Benefits of Being an Eyelash Extension Artist

Flexible Schedules

We already mentioned this, and you might be wondering how exactly this is possible. Being a lash extension artist gives you the option of working in salons and spas or even for yourself. Either option gives you its benefits. If you choose to work in a salon or spa, then you would get a consistent schedule. Whereas, freelancing lets you grow your clientele and pick your hours.

An international survey found that 70% of eyelash artists are self-employed. People generally prefer to control their work hours. If Mondays do not do it for you, you can make them off days. A mom can set appointments in mornings and early afternoons when kids are in school. Artists who want their weekends open can stick to weekdays and would rather work at night.

You Get to Work With People

Minus the nagging HR lady that keeps reminding you of the paperwork, you need to fill. An eyelash extension artist can interact with a wide array of people due to the nature of the work. There are clients to meet, technicians to team up with, and your colleagues can be great companions if you choose to work in a spa or salon.

Artists don’t need to be cramped into a cubicle in front of a monitor all day. Instead, you get to talk to people all day, and life rarely gets dull.


There is no way we would discuss the benefits of choosing this career without delving into money. You do have to spend some on courses for eyelash extension and setting up your work environment. The next step is taking a slice of the booming lash extension industry.

Eyelash extensions don’t come cheap. This is why artists can earn a yearly income of over $50,000. A full set of lash extensions costs between $80 and $120, but artists can charge over $200. To a large extent, you can set your wages. Earning more takes upgrading your quality of service.

Working from Home

Yes, this is the second coming. Benefits of working from home are many, saving up on rent for and transport to your workspace being a great one. Paying rent for your salon can be very expensive, so you should consider it if you can do it from home. If you are renting your home, ensure you obtain permission to run a business on your landlord’s property.

Startup Costs are Low

Starting a business can be expensive and with each extra pound comes higher risk which discourages many people. Becoming a lash artist is relatively inexpensive after getting an eyelash extension course. The tools you need to purchase are pretty affordable, and as your business grows, you can then upgrade them.

Transform Clients into their Best Selves

There is a reason why “artist” is in the name. You have the opportunity to express your creativity every day. Once you assess the needs and wants of a customer, you can bring that look to life. As you continue your work, you test and hone your skills and get satisfaction from having happy clients.