What are the benefits of a wool duvet?

Humanity has had a beneficial relationship with wool for thousands of years, which unique fibre remains a popular choice for clothes, blankets and other bedding items.

But wool duvets are capable of a lot more than keeping your bed warm in winter. Wool is hypoallergenic, is a bane to dust mites, exhibits excellent moisture control and it is flame resistant.

For these reasons, wool is sometimes called the “miracle fibre.”

Four Benefits of Organic Wool Duvets
Wool bedding items have benefits that polyester, feather or down feather ones do not.

They Regulate Body Moisture and Temperature
The core of each wool fibre can absorb to one-third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. In comparison, cotton absorbs only 8% of its weight in moisture, and synthetics absorb only 2% of theirs. Wool is the most ‘hydrophilic’ (able to absorb moisture) of all-natural fibres. It’s unique in that it can wick away the moisture vapour released by our bodies every night. This ability keeps it dry and warm for better sleep quality while eliminating dampness in the bedding.

They’re Hypoallergenic and Healthier
Wool doesn’t cause allergic reactions, unless it is chemically treated. Organic wool is more naturally resistant to mould and mildew. And due to its moisture-wicking ability, it doesn’t stay damp long. Since other fibres such as cotton and down take more time to release moisture, they’re more vulnerable to accumulating allergens.

Dust mites, which are a leading reason behind allergies, prefer a damp location. But the scales which cover each wool fibre help create an inhospitable environment to allow them to thrive.

They’re Naturally Flame-Resistant

Natural wool fibres have a protective lanolin coating which makes them more flame resistant. That’s why wool bedding items can pass the flame-retardant test even though no additional toxic chemicals, commonly found in conventional bedding items, have been used.

They’re Chemical Free and Odourless
Unlike non-organic types, organic wool has no added chemicals which cause allergies. This makes pure and natural wool bedding products the perfect choice for people that have allergies or chemical sensitivities. Organic wool duvets are processed and cleaned cautiously. This ensures they’re well suited for everyone, including those with wool allergies.

Many natural filled duvets have temperature regulating properties, however wool filled duvets are quite unique. Most suitable option create a personal micro-climate, meaning one duvet can adapt to two different body temperatures, ideal for couples who share a bed. They work by absorbing and releasing moisture in to the atmosphere, keeping you at the perfect temperature all night-long. Also, they are great should you be at risk of night-sweats as the moisture moves freely between the wool fibres, cooling you down as you sleep.

Caring for your wool duvet
Air out your bed each morning by folding back the duvet and allowing the extra moisture to evaporate – this will help keep your bed healthy and fresh. A vigorous shake and a plump in the mornings will even out and redistribute any fillings which may have moved at night time.

Once washed, dry completely before use as the smallest amount of moisture can damage the filling and cause the wool to clump.

If you have different tog duvets for the summertime and winter, store them somewhere dry and faraway from dust; using the bag your duvet came in or one in our specially-made storage bags can do nicely.

Make sure to refer to the care label on your duvet because they are its not all created the same therefore, they need to be cared for differently.

A wool duvet is weightier than most other fillings. They have a reassuringly weighty feel, providing you a comforting and calming feeling, similar to being tucked up under several blankets.

Because of the way the wool fill is needled it has a set profile, just like an extra cosy bedspread. This means it drapes beautifully over the body for a restful night’s sleep.

For instance, high-bulk wool fill traps a lot of air inside it, so that it is a good insulator. This also makes the bedding more lightweight and resilient. However, a set, heavy wool duvet indicates inferior quality wool that won’t insulate well.

If you’re buying a material that’s durable, chemical-free, dust-mite proof and hypoallergenic, organic wool is a good choice. However, to take benefit of its benefits, you must ensure that it’s stuffed with 100% organic wool and not blended with synthetics. The suitable natural wool duvet purchased from an established bedding provider ensures maximum comfort and safety, and that means you get a comfortable sleep.