What Are The Amazing Features Of MINI Cooper 2019?

A culmination of improved safety, service, design, and style is the latest 2019 MINI Countryman. 


MINI’s innovative compact SUV packages are all features of larger SUVs in a bundle that does not have an enormous driving experience and a high pump cost. You’ll mainly own a car with the world-renowned MINI model. No wonder why the countryman 2019 is on several highways. Mini cooper car prices may vary yearly.


This SUV provides a wide range of safety features that protect you, your family, and your friends everywhere you drive. Automatic emergency braking for all trims is standard except for the base. This decreases collision rates and can also avoid collisions of up to 12 miles per second. The camera and parking sensors are standard, and even if you upgrade to the technology package you can have a self-parking system.

The Countryman has an advanced hard coating under the panels, which reduces body torque and improves handling. The standard eight airbag system protects drivers and passengers from many angles and provides additional safety when the vehicle rolls over with the overhead bags mounted at the reinforced ceiling. This is no wonder that in the NHTSA and IIHS crash studies, the Countryman got good scores. 


You are provided with other safety features such as stability control, anti-locking braking, improved handling, and seat belts which have a pre-tensioner to help you avoid a collision. And don’t think about your thieves’ lack of MINI. When the device senses a nonfactory key that tries to start the car, the engine immobilizer triggers. 


Global Imports MINI has one of the best choices of Countryman models in Atlanta. If you are a new MINI customer or a seasoned user, our dedicated sales staff ensure your shopping experience is outstanding. The best thing about a countryman’s shopping is to be in one. It is impossible to walk away once you take a short drive. Our service and parts specialists provide you with outstanding support, servicing, and repairs for the life of your car.

How Safe are MINI Coopers?


The safety ratings of the MINI Cooper can definitely give you peace of mind on the roads in Oakland. The new MINI Cooper has been named a 2018 Top Safety Pick by the IIHS, meaning that a number of safety checks will give the vehicle top marks. The highest score in each category is ‘Good,’ and in almost every region, the MINI Cooper achieved excellent results. Mini cooper interior are different for different series.

NHTSA Ratings:


A frontal collision, Side Accident, Rollover, and Overall, four out of five stars 

MINI Integrated Brakes Cooper.

Features of MINI Cooper Health 


Look at all of the MINI Cooper’s safety features, you will never fear that this small car can not compete with bigger rivals on the market. A list of safety features of MINI Cooper includes: 

MiniCooper Countryman

Active driving assistant (FCW / AEB) – This camera-based assistance function enables automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning to keep track of your environment.




Driven headlights – Provide a good view of the roads irrespective of external conditions. 


Ultra Rigid Frame – The MINI Cooper has been designed for maximum safety, but also handling, with a sturdy frame.

Experience MINI


Due to their distinctive style, MINI cars are legendary and you can now be confident this fun car is also healthy for your regular route to Livermore. To see how a MINI Cooper can get your driving experience to the next stage, explore MINI Cooper feedback and reliability, and set up. Contact now if you have any concerns about MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper MPG quality.