What are the aims and objectives of NABL

Its aim is to provide accreditation to the established laboratories. Accreditation is an act of approving an organization. An approved lab gains trust of the customers, hence it flourishes. No one wants to play with their health. So it becomes extremely important to go for the labs for a checkup where the products and services are approved. NABL gives more credibility to the labs. It is the quality council under-recognized as an autonomous body under the science and technology department of the Government of India.

NABL provides a benchmark to the laboratories established. They give global acceptance and quality services. When an organization delivers premium quality services they gain costumers satisfaction and escalates confidence among the costumers. The approval has the validity all across the globe and within India in all the regions. If you want to establish a Conformity assessment body, you can easily apply for the NABL accreditation and obtain it.

In India, there is currently more than 2500+ lab of NABL Accreditation in Lucknow. NABL gives more credibility, recognition, and importance to the laboratories. NABL accreditated labs are sure to have premium quality staff and well equipped with products that are safe to use.

Good health is an integral part of anyone’s life. So it becomes highly important for us to choose things that approved and reliable. A NABL accredited lab ensures the maximum care of the patients. Blood tests and all other check-ups are routine part of every human being. The use of poor quality of resources or unavailable resources affects our health and time. So it is always advisable to select the one which has credibility. NABL accredited labs have got international recognition. It is a globally accepted standard. It also results in an expanded business as people worldwide looking for quality services. They follow the ISO 17025 standard which the most important standard for setting up a laboratory.

As the Government of India has recognized NABL as the sole accreditation body for testing and calibration laboratories, it takes the onus to provide credibility to the superior quality labs. It is the third party assessment of the conformity assessment body. The services are accessible domestically all over India without discrimination on the basis of status, caste, size, and acceptability in society. In order to meet patient’s demands NABL ensures high-quality assessment. So before going for a lab test, it is important to check for NABL accreditation.

NABL accreditation is given to both testing and calibration laboratories. It is also given to medical laboratories. Accredited calibration laboratories calibrate measuring devices related to parameters such as pressure, temperature, length, volume, mass, power. Calibration should be done at regular intervals. Such accreditations present Lab you can count on.

There are many consultancies in India to help labs achieve NABL accreditation. The consultancies are available in all three-tier and two-tier cities and one city. So it makes sure the process of getting accreditation is smooth and fast, a consultancy is present at every nook and corner of India to provide ease in the task.  A client will get wider access to benefits domestically and beyond the borders of India.

A legally registered entity can easily achieve NABL accreditation. It also saves time as the time interval gets reduced in re-examining the products. It overall improves lab management system and quality. The quality council of India is responsible that each laboratory present in India should have accreditation.

After accreditation costumers can easily perform a search on NABL laboratories and choose as per their needs and requirements.

The scope of NABL accreditation is wide. Whether I’m a science, engineering, and technology NABL has a large scope. In testing laboratories, it is used for forensic, biological and chemical tests while in calibration laboratories it finds it uses thermal, optical and mechanical use. Medical laboratories utilize is in Genetics, nuclear medicine, microbiology. One of the brownie points it the costumers get is that they get services by a credential staff. Even working in such labs provides a beneficial opportunity for the staff as well as get a positive working environment and oodles of knowledge.