What are The After-effects of Living in Unclean Air Ducts?

People who neglect duct cleaning should remember the after-effects of unclean surroundings such as nasal congestion, allergy, and several health problems. By enhancement of technology, the dangerous effects of air pollution are becoming clear to individuals. Many try to make clean air indoors and safe by regular cleaning of air ducts. Timely duct cleaning sessions shall eliminate pollutants in the heating systems.

What if your air ducts are not cleaned?

The home heating and cooling unit are easy to take good care of, but we forget about the air ducts. As long as forced air keeps emerging from the vents, the care of ducts appears to be pointless. In fact, you should pay attention to the air ducts.

It’s not just a question of ensuring that the system’s integrity remains high. You want to think about what’s gathered within the canals as well. It pays to have an inspection and possibly to clean it from time to time. Why is that important? Here are some facts concerning ducts and air quality and what can happen if you don’t get the ducts clean.

Various indicators can actually remind you of the need to undertake duct cleaning sessions such as:

•        Mould growth in the ducts

•        Pest Infestation in the ducts

•        Accumulation of dust and debris causing a clog in the air ducts

How do I know whether my air ducts need cleaning?

There are several common signs that will indicate a quick duct cleaning session. One of the most frequent is the air filters. If they need to be replaced more often than usual and nothing else has changed, this could show that the duct system has an accumulation of residues.

Dirt is also a sign that the system needs to be cleaned up, grime, or mould around the vents. This is because the pollutants are forced into the openings and collected around them. While the area around the windshield could be cleaned, this does not solve the fundamental problem.

Following pointers will help you know the effects of unclean air ducts:

Unclean air ducts affect the indoor air quality of your house– It has become clear that air ducts if kept clean can prevent serious health problems. Cleaning air canals enhances the overall health of your beloved ones. Medical studies have shown that pulmonary health conditions in patients have been better when air conduits were frequently cleaned. Duct cleaners in Melbourne are best suited for the job.

The cause of allergy, sore throat, cold, and coughing is commonly caused by dirty air ducts:

Unclean air ducts reduce your house air quality and invited unwanted guests such as allergens and other inhalations of bacteria. People who have breathing diseases can get sick due to unclean air ducts. Thus these air pipes must go for a clean-up in particular when expecting newborns who are usually sensitive.

“Sick building syndrome” is caused by unclean air canals: On failing to get the air canals cleaned, pet jet, dust, pollen, etc. get accumulated in the same. These allergens will build up with the passage of time and these allergens will block and spread across the entire building if air ducts are used. The breathing of this contaminated air may not lead to allergies but might lead to breathing issues in the longer term.

Unexplained fatigue: Everyone gets tired from time to time, but usually the cause is identifiable. If, although you get enough sleep, you seem tired all the time, this is cause for alarm. Assuming that medical examinations do not reveal a kind of ongoing ailment, contaminants in air canals could be exposed.  Duct cleaning should help you to feel more vigorous.

Difficult to breathe: It might be because of air canals if you think it is harder to breathe these days. When the system contains more contaminants, each room must be forced into the air and through the vents. When you respire in, the function of the lungs is interfered with.

Dry and Itchy Skin: The dry skin that seems to itch is not associated with an unclean conduit system, but there is definitely a connection. Anything from the pipelines can break the collagen in the skin down and dry up more easily. It’s more likely that the dry skin will itch. To compensate for this, you can still use moisturizing lotions or clean up the canals.

Unclean air ducts deprive home ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC) of efficient functioning – The efficient operation of these systems can be impeded by dirt and debris. The air is no longer filtered when these systems stop working. You can breathe in contaminated air and thus increase your temperature.

The aging process is accelerated by unclean air ducts- Do you always have a tiring day at the house and don’t know why? You probably breathe contaminated air from ducts that have not been cleaned for months. This polluted air also accelerates the ageing process, besides causing serious health problems.

Pests live in unclean air ducts — These annoying pests are not just harmful but are also a serious threat to health. These pests are often ill, bite, intrude your spaces, and even feed on your food.

Unclean air conducts musty smells – Mildew and mould can cause a musty odor to your home in your air ducts. Once you are accustomed to it for a long time it may be less noticeable. But an outsider can notice this odor immediately and that can be quite embarrassing for you.  

Regular cleaning of air ducts

Thus air duct cleaning forms a pivotal part of your cleaning projects along with the other regular ones. If the HVAC system does not work at its best and you notice some issues, it is advisable to inspect and clean the ducts. If you want our duct cleaners in Melbourne to come and do the needful, just give us a call!


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