What are the advantages of seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer is a new fertilizer with high efficiency and low cost, which is made of seaweed as raw material, which can break down the algae cells and release the content by technical means, and then concentrate to form the concentrated liquid of algal essence, which greatly retains the natural active components of seaweed!

The outstanding effect of seaweed fertilizer in vegetable planting:

1. Promote the germination of vegetable seeds and cultivate strong seedlings2. Increase the yield and improve the quality of vegetables
3. Enhancing the resistance of vegetable crops
4. Enhancing the resistance and insect resistance of vegetable crops

Five advantages of seaweed fertilizer:

1. Green and environmental protection

It is harmless to human and livestock, and has no pollution to the environment, which can increase the permeability of soil. Its unique resistance greatly reduces the amount of pesticide application. Natural soil regulating substances can promote the formation of soil particle structure, increase beneficial microorganisms in soil, improve fertility, and reduce the pollution of harmful substances of pesticides and fertilizers on the soil!
2. Less application, easy to absorb and high utilization rate

After processing by special technology, the effective components become small molecules which are easily absorbed and transmitted by plants, and are very soluble in water, and can be absorbed, transmitted and utilized by plants in a few hours after use. It can be used in combination with most pesticides and fertilizers, and has the synergistic effect. Can receive the effect that other fertilizer can not do.

3. Increase production

The experiment and demonstration of dozens of crops in 16 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, Thailand, Australia and other countries in China have proved that the increase of algae fertilizer is 8.6-36.5% and the input-output ratio is 1:8.3-225.

4. Improve quality

Seaweed can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and improve the value of commodities. For example, it can improve the oil content of oil crops, increase sugar content of sugar crops, improve the sweetness, flavor and color of fruits, improve the product uniformity, promote crop precocity, early listing, and extend storage period.

5. Enhance resistance to pests and stress

It can improve the vitality and immunity of crops, inhibit the harm of diseases and insect pests, and have obvious control effect on virus, and also reduce the harm of drought, waterlogging, low temperature, salt and alkali to crops. It is beneficial to the recovery of crops after disaster. It has strong resistance to insects, fungi, net worm, aphids and cold and drought resistance.

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