What Are the Advantages of Holidays in Fiji

Fiji is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, which includes 332 islands, of which 110 are inhabited. Every year, thousands of travelers opt for this country in order to enjoy a quality and eventful vacation. There are simply excellent hotels, which are available 24/7 for providing a high level of services. Some islands of the archipelago are of volcanic origin, while others appeared due to the activity of corals. Today, its majestic and ever-changing coral reefs attract divers from all over the world.

Therefore, spending a vacation in Fiji is all about losing in nature and getting the opportunity to explore a new culture. The packages of cheap Fiji vacations are available at budget whether you are a first-time visitor or pro. So, what else can you achieve while visiting Fiji? Here we come up with some amazing advantages of holidays in Fiji.

Table of Content

  • Benefits of Spending Vacation in Fiji
  • Superb Beaches and Lagoons
  • Amazing Ecotourism
  • Water Sports Activities
  • Honeymoon In Fiji
  • Ridge of Coral Reefs
  • Taste the Local Cuisine
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Spending Vacation in Fiji

Superb Beaches and Lagoons

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Fiji is a paradise for beach lovers. The archipelago is world-famous for its island resorts, sandy coastline and magnificent views of the ocean, which are breathtaking. Fiji is an ideal place for couples and family because the surrounding beauty is a wonderful decoration for fateful confessions. The beaches in the country are simply magnificent, the water is clean and striking with its amazing blue. Local lagoons are simply mesmerizing. Snow-white coral sand of beaches, beautiful lagoons, clear water, which is filled with all kinds of tropical fish, lush exotic flora, excellent fruits, huge wild beauties. The silence and solitude on them will delight tourists who are tired of the bustle of big cities.

Amazing Ecotourism

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Fiji is booming ecotourism. A large number of exotic plants grow here and many exotic animals live. Many travelers come here to see all this diversity of wildlife. The unique ecosystem of the islands is covered with dense tropical forests with many rare plants. Furthermore, the picturesque mountain rivers will delight lovers of rafting and kayaking. Fiji has dense coconut plantations, whereas the islands are dominated by a tropical marine climate. The temperature changes slightly during the year, keeping at + 23-27C. Tropical cyclones rain from November to April. You will love the beauty of the pristine paradise of the Fiji Islands, which contains pristine flora and fauna.

Water Sports Activities

In Fiji, there are simply excellent conditions for practicing a wide variety of water modes of transport. Among the most popular entertainments are surfing, water skiing, fishing and spearfishing, as well as boat trips and river rafting on bamboo rafts. Scuba diving in Fiji is one of the most popular water sport activities. The development of beach tourism, windsurfing and diving are facilitated by the presence of the second-longest ridge of coral reefs in the world off the coast of Fiji. At the same time, the underwater world of Fiji is unlikely to leave you indifferent. In this place, you can see the real octopuses, stingrays, squids, jellyfish, and rare fish species in their natural habitat.

Honeymoon In Fiji

Honeymoon in Fiji

Honeymoon trips to Fiji’s islands are a very popular type of tourism. Fiji offers luxurious honeymoon resorts, white sandy beaches, and incredible sunsets that create the perfect backdrop for honeymooners to start their family life together. Some of the luxury resorts are located on private islands, while others are on a larger island, most of which offer an exclusive honeymoon with incredible relaxation areas, candlelit dinners, beach picnics, and water activities. Yasawa Island is considered the best place for an exotic wedding. Some of the wonderful memories of your honeymoon will help add sparks to family life and will remain evergreen even in old age. Therefore, Fiji is a great choice to spend your honeymoon in the South Pacific. The Fiji honeymoon all-inclusive packages are available for every newlywed couple.

Ridge of Coral Reefs

Fiji’s charm extends far beyond the cultural heritage of locals, beautiful lagoons, oceans and beaches. There is a whole new world to explore under the surface of the water. You can swim or dive for enjoying the views of the coral. Fiji is considered the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, as there are some amazing reefs, colorful species of fish, turtles and giant blue starfish that you can enjoy while diving or snorkeling. Since Fiji has more than 300 islands, the crystal clear waters between each piece of land change their shade as the sun moves. There are several possibilities to enjoy the waters of Fiji on a cruise, kayak or catamaran.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Fiji’s modern cuisine provides a unique blend of several culinary traditions at once, due to which it can rightfully be considered one of the most exotic in the eastern hemisphere. Along with national Fijian dishes, which have a special spicy taste, it presents a considerable number of dishes prepared according to Pan-Asian recipes. The basis of Fiji cuisine is the use of four ingredients like seafood, coconuts, root crops. The breadfruit is widely consumed as food.


On the archipelago, Fiji is a huge number of the most uninhabited islands. This place allows the lovers to schedule a holiday and spend their vacation in a relaxed atmosphere. All Fiji residents are extremely friendly and hospitable people who love their lives and are happy to welcome tourists. If you are planning your trip to Fiji, then it is recommended to book your tickets now and explore the nature of underwater.