what are the advantages of air transport ?

Wanted to ship your goods from one destination to another, but can’t decide which freight to choose? Well, there are different modes to ship your product and each mode has its own pros and cons. Make sure to choose your transportation mode wisely, make a decision based on your product type, the destination to and from you want to ship, and according to your priorities.

Air freight is commonly used for low volume and high-value shipments and is the fastest mode of transportation as compared to others. But, do you know any other reason why people choose Air freight to ship their goods?

Air Freight – Advantages You Need To Know

Air freight is one of the most efficient ways of transporting goods over long distances. Just like CFIPAK, there are many cargo clearing agencies and warehousing service in Karachi which provide such services to help people transport their goods. Before deciding which freight to choose for the shipment of your goods, you need to know the advantages of Air freight.

Air Freight Is The Fastest Transport Alternative

The main reason why people chose air freight over other modes of transportation is that it’s FAST! When speed is your priority you cannot got for sea, or road transportation method. Hence making air freight more reliable in terms of speed.

Follow The Status Of Your Cargo

Another aspect that makes air freight more dependable is that you can easily track the movements. Tracking your package and anticipating its arrival and delivery time becomes easy.

Highly Reliable Arrival And Departure Time

Even if you miss a flight there are more than a couple of flights in a day so the delay is less. Whereas, in land and ship you have to wait another day or sometimes even a week for the next one to depart.

Ship Your Goods Anywhere With Air Freight

You can transport your goods even to landlocked areas or places where there is no harbour. This saves your additional cost of first shipping to a city with harbour and then taking road or rails to get to your desired destination. With air cargo, you only have to pay for the cargo itself and you can easily get your goods to the exact destination since most cites have runways.

High Level Of Security And Reduced Risk Of Theft And Damage

Unlike the road, rail and water transport – air cargo have a reduced risk of theft and goods getting lost or misplaced. Over long distances its common for goods to get misplaced lying in the warehouse or getting stolen. But with air freight inventory management becomes more natural and convenient.

Legal Compliance

On the administrative side, if you have a trusted company handling your transactions for you. CFIPAK makes sure to deliver its services in the best way so the customers don’t have to worry about anything. We are a company with experience and make sure to carry the financial duties with the utmost efficiency. Especially when dealing with sea freight following legal and regulatory fulfillments gets very difficult for cargo clearing agencies while crossing borders.

Air crafts follow a natural route there aren’t any obstacles of mountains or it doesn’t have to pass through villages or towns and no bumpy roads or busy highways. It follows the short and direct route and legal custom formalities are not very time-consuming.

Shipping During A Natural Disaster

In case of emergency situations like flooding or natural disasters, the government need to supply immediate aid to the affected areas – in this situation air freight plays a crucial role. An airplane can easily fly to any areas to supply aid.

Air Shipments Are Very Secure

Airfreight is very much suitable for carrying goods of perishable nature. Light good of high value like diamonds, expensive paintings and fragile items are better off in air cargo. It is safe, bumps free and fast. The theft rate is also low so such valuable items are safer in air cargo.

Wrapping It Up

When you want to ship your goods, always choose your transportation method and cargo clearing agency carefully. Make sure to see the nature of your product and which freight suits best to your needs and budget.

If your good is of low volume and high value and if you want it to be delivered quickly, then air freight is your best option. However, if your goods are of high volume and low value and you do not have any time issues then sea freight is the best alternative for you.