What Are the 41 Cutest Red Hair Colors to Match Your Skin Tone?

You can pull off scarlet hair, whether melanin-rich or the fairest and countless examples support this claim.

Stop there if you’re wondering if you can pull off red hair. No matter your level of melanin or fairness, there is a flaming color out there that will suit you and get you tons of compliments. You heard it here first. Still doubtful? Give us a chance to convince you otherwise.

Look to celebrities with red hair like Emma Stone, Rihanna, and Lupita Nyong’o, who have all done it successfully at various points in their careers. Even better, we consulted a few hair-color authorities to help clear up the confusion once and for all because, well, when it comes to hair color, it pays to have an expert on hand.

Now start scrolling and continue reading to learn how to discover the ideal shade of crimson for you. Here are 41 options for red hair that suit every skin tone.


Fair: Neutral Red

Bodt praised Madeline Brewer of Orange Is the New Black’s deep color as “simply beautiful” at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Her skin’s neutral-yellow undertones and this neutral-toned red go well together. It’s not quite a cool violet, but it’s also not overly coppery or warm, according to Bodt. The quest is for neutral skin tones.

Fair: Dusty Red

Colorist Rachel Bodt lists Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale as one of her “favorite red references.” She describes the red as gentle and dusty, so it won’t starkly contrast with the color of your skin. According to Bodt, “it’s perfect for someone who is scared to try red because of how mild the tone is. She suggests this color for clients with a pale complexion and pink or yellow undertones.

Suppose you, your customer, or anyone after this excellent dusty red needs more length or volume. In that case, hair extensions are ideal for this hair color and style.

Fair: Ginger Sparkling

Colorist and creator of #Mydentity Guy Tang like using gold tones on fair-skinned ladies like Emma Stone to highlight the eye color and give the overall appearance more depth. Also, he says that intense reds give pale skin a more dynamic appearance. Given that Stone is wearing this sparkling shade, this is true. For a……………………..

Fair: Rosy Copper

Given how easily Sophie Turner pulls off Sansa Stark’s notorious golden-chestnut tint, I still find it difficult to believe the Game of Thrones actress isn’t her natural color. According to New York City colorist Nikki Ferrara, this is probably because the medium copper brings out the pink tones in her cheeks and gives her fair complexion a creaminess, giving her an almost childlike rosy glow. According to Ferrara, the pink-orange tint also highlights the radiance of her blue eyes.

Fair: Dark Strawberry

According to Perry, Jessica Chastain’s cooler, strawberry-blonde shade “complements her skin tone and light eyes” since it looks natural. The strawberry tones help draw the pink out of the complexion, providing a more neutral, even impression. Colorist Aura Friedman also notes that this color works great on pale skin tones with pinker. It’s obvious why Chastain has yet to deviate much from this color.

Fair: Bright Crimson

Christina Hendricks is a classic redhead who admirably wears this “rich crimson tone” because it brings out the red in her skin and gives her a charming natural blush. Ferrara claims that “[those] with red undertones in their skin” benefit from this. Her blue eyes also become a darker color due to their depth.