What Are Some Things That Your Company’s Website Needs for Success?


Businesses that have a strong presence on both social media and the internet as a whole are businesses that see a lot of success. It is not only crucial for businesses to have a website, but there are also important features that some business websites don’t have that are actually hurting their business.

About Us Section

Believe it or not, this is something that many websites of businesses lack. Your “About Us” section of your website is your chance to grasp the attention of your potential customers. In this section, not only will you have the chance to talk about your company, but you will also have the chance to state your company’s mission, goals, and vision in order to connect with your website visitors and convert them into customers. If people have found your website, you’ll want to give them a reason to stay and see what you have to offer. Without an “About Us” section, they are more likely to click off and go to another similar website that can give them more information.

Some other good things to add to your “About Us” section are some pictures, videos, and testimonials. Future customers should be able to physically see how your product or service may potentially benefit them and why they should give your company their money.


This is similar to a personal blog but think of it as a blog for your company, meaning that instead of blogging about personal experiences you’ll blog about your products or services. Does your company sell skincare products? Your blog should contain research as to why your product works better than your competitors, and it should also give tutorials. Or maybe you provide a service, such as physical therapy. Your blog should also contain research as to why certain practices are beneficial to your clients.

Also, your company’s blog shouldn’t be hosted on another blog site. Instead, it should be located right on your company’s website. This maximizes SEO (search engine optimization), meaning that when people search certain keywords on search engines such as Google, it is more likely that your website’s blog will come up in the search results, further directing people to your website.

Career Site

While every company has the undeniable need to attract customers, you may also have the need to attract employees. A career site link, usually just labeled as “careers”, is a link that takes your website visitors to a page where they can apply for a job at your company. This link is usually located at the bottom of your website’s homepage, next to your “About Us” and “Blog” links. 

You may think that when you’re hiring for your company, you’ll need to make it widely known on your website. This isn’t always the case, as you could see an influx of applications from candidates that aren’t a good match. A career site link on your website is a recruitment marketing technique that allows you to market your company and its culture to the most qualified candidates.

Mobile-Friendly Design Style

As mobile devices are becoming more technologically advanced, not as many people are “surfing the web” on computers as much as they were 20 and even 10 years ago. Because of this, it’s extremely important that your website also has a mobile-friendly design. If your website is hard to navigate on a mobile device, people are more likely to click off, and even less likely to wait to visit your site again once they’ve gotten access to a computer. Your web design is a crucial part of your business seeing success.


These four features are often some of the most neglected and overlooked things by business websites. It isn’t enough to just have your company’s name, logo, contact information, and products/services provided— although all of these are necessary too. The goal is to make your website worth visiting.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team