What are some textures of weave hair?

You can get natural as well as synthetic human hair weaves. Weaves have helped women get the most appealing and attractive hair. They can get instant lustrous and voluminous hair. You might be interested in knowing the different textures of weaved hair. You can also get Skunk Stripe hair.

Depending upon your hair’s natural texture, you can get various hair weaves. You need to be careful when choosing weave extensions. It is good to choose the right hair weave of the right texture. This is how you are more likely to get a blended and neat look. Below mentioned are some types and textures of weaved hair. So let us get started.

  • Straight hair weave
  • Wavy hair weave
  • Curly hair weave
  • Kinky hair weave

1.      Straight hair weave 

People having naturally straight hair should choose straight hair weave texture. This type of hair weave is the most luxurious, durable, and strong. This is super sleek and easy to blend in with natural hair. You can visit Danny Jelaca hair salon for the awesome hair related services.

2.      Wavy hair weave

This is another type of hair weave. This weave is not too curly and not too straight. Wavy hair weave has a thicker texture as compared to straight hair. This weave looks like an S as it is curlier; however, it is not coiled. The wavy hair weave creates fullness, body, and volume, adding bounce to the hairstyle.

3.      Curly hair weave

The curly hair weaves are made in two ways, chemically and by steaming. When the hair weave is designed chemically, the hair is permed to get the curl. In the steaming process, the hair is set with a hot iron to create the coils and curls. The hair is prone to damage and frizz; thus, they require extra care.

4.      Kinky hair weave

The kinky hair weave is naturally referred to the coiled hair or Afro-texture. This hair weave is a spongy and dry texture, or it can be wiry, coarse, and soft. This is one of the most popular hair weaves that you can use. People with different hair structures are seen using this hair weave.

How to identify a good hair weave?

It is quite important for a person to identify a good hair weave. The quality of a good hair weave is the primary concern of everyone. It is to be mentioned that virgin hair weave is the best one because the hair is not gone through chemicals and processes. There are several ways in which you can identify a good hair weave. These are as follows.

  • A visual test
  • The taper
  • Texture of hair
  • Cuticle
  • A fire test

Why choose weave hair?

There are several reasons to choose weave.

  • The weave is a great way to add length to natural hair.
  • They also help to grow your hair naturally.
  • The weave adds fullness and volume to your hair.
  • The weaved hair saves you from the trouble of putting off and on the extensions again and again. 
  • The weaving process is safe.
  • The weaves can last for two months with proper maintenance and care. You can also purchase Skunk Stripe hair.