What Are Some Practical Applications Of Conversational UI?

Where Can The Conversational UI Be Utilized?

A Conversational AI Platform can’t be referred to as a perfect solution, but they are still a lot of places where they can be utilized for business benefits. If you want to succeed while using the conversational UI, there are some limitations that you should keep in mind, but they shouldn’t let it have any negative effects, in its present stage it can benefit a process a lot. 


Let’s have a look at some of the applications for the conversational UIs that business can build using a BOT building platform without facing any issues.


#1 Customer Support

Giving customers basic data or answering to FAQs is an ideal application for a bot. As a rule, client support reps wind up replying to a large number of similar inquiries again and again. In this manner, utilizing a bot in place of that can not only enable the company to give better and quicker service but will also bring down the pressure on the workers.

#2 Sales Assitant

Chatbots are valuable in helping the business procedure of low association (products that don’t require enormous monetary venture) as, are an ideal device for internet business. Chatbots can rapidly illuminate doubts about explicit products, conveyance, merchandise exchange, help to limit the decisions just as procedure exchanges.


For instance, A Flower administration urges customers to arrange Flowers utilizing their bot assistant on Facebook messenger wiping out strides between the business & customer. Once they revealed their chatbot, 70% of its requests originated from this channel.

#3 Concierge

Concierge bots enable clients to perform logical and dreary tasks like calling a taxi or a booking in a hotel. Such tasks are well inside the capacities of a bot as they don’t give an excessive amount of room for a blunder.


These bots can be used as a service bot or represent the business on their own.

#4 Lead Generation & Qualification

Chatbots are especially able with regards to lead generation and capability. 


since the introduction of the Internet, business hours have become history. Individuals can visit your business whenever. Subsequently, having somebody there throughout the day is a major addition too. A conversational UI furnishes a well-disposed method for associating with potential customers and gathering their data continuously. Since the procedure is quite clear it can ask the lead key capability inquiries and help your business group organize.

#5 Data Gathering

There shouldn’t be any need to explain data gathering. Since the review procedure is really direct, all things considered, chatbots have nothing to spoil there. There is an opportunity to make information or input assortment fundamentally progressively wonderful as a discussion comes more normally than adding details in the form provided there.

#6 Entertainment Industries

Not every issue a conversational UI can solve, have to be big. Chatbots are fun and utilizing them as an advertising trick to engage your customers or advance another item is an extraordinary method to stick out.


For example, Disney’s bot version of Judy Hops let people help her solve crimes. In spite of the fact that it was accessible just for 16 days, it produced a great many discussions as clients transformed into diplomats and urged others to attempt.

#7 Enterprises

Conversational UI is not only used by customers only, but Business can also benefit from it. It can automate organization procedures that are internal, for example, employee fulfilment studies, report handling, recruitment, and in any event, onboarding.


These were some of the best uses of a conversational platform. There are lot of other ways but you’ll have to experiment and find out yourself how each of these methods pans out for you.