What Are Some of the Studio Flats Building Regulations?

If you plan to build any residential blocks in the UK, you must adhere to various regulations set by the authorities. You will notice that all types of buildings have a unique set of regulations. And with studio flats becoming increasingly popular, they are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative real estate investments.

What are studio apartments?

Studio flats are stylish, ultra-modern, and luxurious housing units. You will find this kind of house at the heart of the city, the outskirts, or anywhere else. A studio apartment typically has a bedroom, kitchen, and living room in the same area. This means that it could be designed with an open kitchen that’s adjacent to the living room. Aside from that, the bathroom facilities are incorporated in a studio apartment set up. Some contractors may go the extra mile by allocating storage space in the apartment. Studios flats meet most needs of modern living.

So, what are some of the regulations surrounding studio flats in the UK?

Adequate size

Congestion is a massive issue that the authorities have addressed, especially in studio apartments. If you are investing in such a project, you have to ensure that the rooms are habitable. Part of this includes making them spacious. For instance, the regulations stipulate that studio flats should be at least 30 square feet and sleeping areas should be separated from the living room area. The de-alienation doesn’t have to be partitioned and it could be visual.


When constructing studio flats, you should have in mind the elderly as well as the disabled people in society. That said, the housing units should be adaptable. People who have challenges with mobility should be able to live comfortably in a studio flat, move freely, and be more comfortable. This means that if your flat has lifts, then they should meet wheelchair standards. Some of the entrances and exits, therefore, need to have a gentle slope. The main objective is to see to it that the flat is accessible to wheelchair users.

Other aspects that you need to focus on include corridors. Studio flat building regulations in the UK stipulate that the corridors should assume a 1200mm width. The dimensions of the bathroom should be around 2400mm. So, you need to ensure the adaptability and other regulations are observed by working with reliable architects like Humphreysandsons.

Space standards

With studio flats, small rooms could tremendously interfere with the quality of life. Comfort is the essence and provisions in the regulations of this kind of buildings make it crystal clear. All units must have a kitchen space, bedroom space, and living area. The rooms should be as follows;

  •       Living room 13 sq.m
  •       First double bedrooms 11 sq.m
  •       Single bedrooms 6.5 sq.m
  •       Enclosed kitchens 5.5 sq.m
  •       Open kitchens 6.5 sq.m


Studio flats have a similar layout. However, each unit should be self-contained. It must be independent of the other units. But with the communal areas, this rule doesn’t apply. All the units should have a lockable entry point for security and privacy reasons.

Bathroom and shower rooms

In matters of bathrooms and shower rooms, here are the set guidelines.

  •       Independent access such that the entrance should not be through other rooms
  •       Internal bathrooms to have ample ventilation
  •       If a unit is to be occupied by more than five people, the bathroom should have a separate hand-wash basin
  •       Bathrooms to be one flight or one floor from the bedroom
  •       The minimum size of the bathroom should range between 2 meters by 2 meters.

As you can see, some regulations will make your studio flats more acceptable and livable. Failure to follow them could cause problems with authorities. Construction may be discontinued or the court can order a demolition. So, how can you make sure that you meet the standards? The best thing is to choose your contractors wisely. Take your time to find a reputable firm to spearhead your project. When vetting architects and contractors, look at their experience and compliance with UK building regulations. Once you find the right firm, you need not worry anymore. Your studio flats project will be in good hands. Such firms know the importance of the regulations and they are committed to following them to the latter.