What are Some of the Rewarding Job Roles Associated with Data Science in Ahmedabad?


As the world is now growing with automation in every aspect of life, data science is the ultimate carrier of this concept. As you know, data science jobs are booming rapidly in India, as the demand for professionals is constantly rising.

As per the 2021 report by Analytics India Magazine, there was a 45% rise in the data science roles in the country. And this explains how desperate the companies are to hire the best quality data science professionals! But are you all ready to embark on such opportunities?

Do you have a certification in Python and data science in Ahmedabad? Are you aware of the technicalities associated with handling different tasks under respective job profiles?

If you are just starting out with data science, no worries! You can still take the right course and prepare yourself to master the tasks and responsibilities associated with dedicated job profiles.

But before you get along with the best data science and Python course in Ahmedabad, you must choose the job profile you are preparing for. This way, you will have clarity on your approach!

So, this article is all about giving you an insight into some of the rewarding and popular data science job roles.

What are the 4 Popular Data Science Job Roles?

If you have done your bit of research on data science, you might already be aware of its popularity quotient! So, now is the time to help you be aware of some of the highly rewarding job roles that demand your proficiency in data science and use of Python language for it:

1. Data Engineer

When you have chosen data science as your IT course in Ahmedabad, you are already aware of the fact that you are going to deal with everything data, right? Well, that’s what data science is all about!

Being a data engineer is one of the best roles you can attain upon taking this course. In this role, you will be responsible for managing as well as maintaining the data infrastructure of a company.

To be more specific about the responsibilities, a data engineer is supposed to create pipelines between two sources and capture data to convert, optimise, and store it in a usable form.

Following that, a data engineer will also be taking charge of creating an infrastructure where the data can be easily stored and retrieved. As a motivation, you must know that a data engineer will be earning around Rs. 5,00,000 to 13,00,000 on average per year.

2. Data Analyst

Every time when a business finds itself stuck in the middle of the competition and seems lost, that’s when data analysts come in. The responsibilities of a data analyst are to evaluate the entire structure of the business and run a statistical analysis.

This way, you, as a data analyst, will derive some crucial business metrics and will give verdicts on the business growth or extension. Starting from cleaning the data and enabling its visualisation to use database systems and coding proficiency, a data analyst holds an important position in the company.

If you are planning on taking a data analyst IT course, it is also advised for you to take the best 15 days internship in Ahmedabad for the same, to attain utmost proficiency for the role. When you get hired for a full-time role, you might get an average salary of Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 9,00,000 per year, which can definitely be a good package for beginners.

3. Data Architect

As there is a large volume of data being generated every day by a single organisation. Therefore, to handle such big data, you will need a sophisticated database. A data architect is a professional responsible for creating such an architecture of the database meant for storing and managing big data.

The responsibility of a data architect is to create the map and design of the database. If you dedicate yourself to adopting this profile, you will have to protect, centralise, integrate, and maintain diverse data sources. Upon taking a course, you will be taught to use the BI and ETL tools and will be provided with knowledge of using the database architecture.

The average annual paycheck of a data architect is around Rs. 26,30,000 per year, which is a whopping amount for you to consider your career as successful. So, look out for the best institute offering courses on data science in Ahmedabad.

4. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a professional who is considered the master of all the technical processes involved in building a product. Such a professional will utilize skills such as data mining, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, programming, deep learning, and others.

In short, if you are planning on taking a web design course in Ahmedabad, do consider taking a data science course alongside it to be able to offer your company not just site development but also data analysis support.

Upon being a data scientist in specific, you will be given the raw business data for structuring it properly for detailed analysis. The end purpose is to derive actionable insights from the business data through visualisation. Following that, you will also be using those insights to build ML algorithms and predictive models for creating automated systems.

The average annual package of a data scientist is around Rs. 14,30,000 per year, which represents the scope of growth for individuals with this profile.


With this, you are now aware of some of the most demanding data science roles that are good for a strong career. If you feel ready to get along with a progressive start for achieving your dream job in data science, now is the time to enroll yourself in the best course.

Remember to look for a Python course in Ahmedabad, too, while you finalize a data science program. It is because you will most likely be using Python language for handling various data science projects!


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