What Are Some Good Telugu Songs During Long Drive?

Music is one of the undetectable things that we can’t consume or can’t touch, but we can feel the song’s lyrics. There are many kinds of songs that create our emotions and transfer us to the way of a better life. If you once fail to find out the best song suitable for you, you must have to follow this article. We know that there are many genres of songs are available in all film industry.

But in Telugu film industry there are numerous songs now in the header, and most of the song is loves by all the peoples who live in India. In this essay, we investigate some of the best Telugu long drive songs. If you want to more Telugu hit songs, then you must visit naa songs. So keep your focus on this page to get more details.

  1. Cheliya Cheliya

It is the most popular romantic, lyrical song which is suitable for a long drive. Furthermore, many Telugu songs are suitable for a long drive, but this song is another romantic-based song suitable for a long drive. The song is from romantic, and the remake version movie name is Kushi.

Harini and Srinivas are the singers of the song which lyric writer of the song was AM Ratnam. And the surprising thing is that Mani Sharma was the music director of the song. Just listen to this song and feel the lyric of the song that you can find the great thing. Undoubtedly, it is the best song for a long drive.

  • Meghalalo Thelipomannadhi

If you miss this song, then it is the best time to listen to this song. Also, the song is the best choice for a long journey. As we have already mentioned in the article, many Telugu hit songs for a long journey, but this song is another memorable song with a lyrical basis. And the song crosses 4.5 million views on Youtube.

Nagoor Babu and Gayatri Iyer are the singers of this romantic song, which won them many peoples heart within terse times. Sirivennela was writing the lyric of this best Telugu hit song under great musician Sasi Pritham.

  • Mandaara Poovalle

There are none who does dislike the lyrics of the song because the tune and the song’s music are desirable that you will like. Also, it is the best listen and melodious song for a long drive. If you once hear this heart touching song, then you must fall in love with this song.

Awaara is the name of this song, which is attractive, and Benny Dayal was the singer of the song. Yuvanshankar Raja was the music director of the song, and Bhuvana Chandra was the lyric writer of this interesting Telugu hit song, which has earned 4.5 million views on Youtube.

Endwise of this article, I can say that with full of respect that the songs that we mentioned in the article are the best tune song for a long drive. If you are searching long drive song, these mentioned songs are the best and most suitable for you.