What Are Some Credible ICO Marketing Services To Implement For Your Business?

ICO( Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising mechanism that has earned a wide recognition and popularity among individuals and companies revolving around the cryptosphere. The process of initial coin offering involves selling coins/tokens to potential investors in return for their investment to raise capital for their business, mainly startups. Many individuals and businesses in the crypto sector have achieved enormous profits from ICO.

Even though ICOs have had a history of scams due to their unregulated nature, today, they are upgrading in regulatory and security aspects, and many investors and individuals still continue to participate in them. The year 2017  was a massive success for ICO with a capital of over $5.6 billion and about 430 successful ICO projects. Having said that, there were also many unsuccessful projects in the same year. This is mainly due to the lack of proper marketing strategies or efforts to make your ICO reach the audience insofar as possible. With the intensely growing demand and competition, the key to success and to sustain over your competitors is to strongly market your ICO. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss some crucial ICO marketing services that will help you capture potential investors’ eyes, and bring in maximum exposure and traction for your ICO. So, let’s go ahead and find out. 

Effective ways to promote your ICO

  • Creating an Attractive Website

From building visibility and credibility among potential customers to bringing in maximum traffic and reach, a website plays a major role in the success of your ICO. The first thing any investor would look for, regarding your ICO, is your website. Therefore, you need to give sheer importance to your ICO’s website. To make your first impression, the best one, you need to make sure to create a simple, but an attractive website, that is user-friendly and easy-navigable to bring in more web traffic for your ICO website and make an impression about your project to your potential customers.

  • Social Media Marketing

Every business needs an online/ social media presence in this digitally evolving world. Be it a small business, or an established large enterprise, social media presence is a crucial part of your business. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Quora channels, etc, you can efficiently connect with your global potential investors, create awareness among them about your ICO project, register your brand name, and boost your leads and sales. The right content and right promotional strategies will bring in enormous traction for your ICO and make you viral globally.

  • Crypto Community

Another effective strategy is to become a part of a reliable, and popular crypto community. Almost the majority of investors and entrepreneurs around the cryptosphere will be part of a crypto community to learn about everything that is happening, the latest trends, news, prices, opportunities etc.  Therefore, marketing your ICO via such platforms will help you reach the right audience quickly, and bring in their attention towards your project.

  • Content Marketing

Quality content promotion will help substantially increase your website conversion rates. Content marketing helps you educate your audience about your project and gather their trust towards investing in your project. It makes them feel entitled to every necessary information regarding your project, and helps you build solid customer relationships. Therefore, you have to ensure you promote your ICO with clear, crisp, and engaging content. 

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is efficient as well as effective. Influencers help you avoid two major marketing challenges- content creation and distribution. All you have to do is, hire popular influencers with sound communication to talk about your ICO project in various forums, which will raise massive awareness globally, and capture investors’ interest and trust towards your project.

  • PR and Media Marketing

PR and media exposure is the key to improve and expand your brand awareness on a global scale. It paves the way for you to reach a broader audience and makes the most impact on them about your project. You need to carefully analyze and choose the right PR team, and authentic media platforms to promote your ICO brand.

  • Bounty Programs

Bounty programs are an efficient, and hassle-free way to promote your brand among your audience. The concept of bounty programs is that the investors are given certain tasks to perform such as bug reporting, for which they will receive rewards in return such as free crypto coins. This benefits not only the investors, and to promote your brand to them, but also help you identify bug issues and resolve them before making your ICO live.

  • ICO listing

ICO listing is a major aspect that will bring in awareness and knowledge about your project to potential investors. You need to carefully analyze and choose the right, authentic and leading sites that will list your ICO. You have to also analyze their pricing plan for listing your ICO. By doing so, you will be able to reach the right target audience in an efficient and effective manner.

These are some of the most effective ICO marketing strategies that will help you achieve reach, reputation, visibility, credibility and profitability for your ICO. But, even before getting into all this, the most crucial step you need to take is to undergo extensive research about the current market trends, decide on your target audience, understand their requirements, have a clear cut goal and communicate that with your audience, offer them solutions to their previously existing stumbling blocks, and design your marketing structure in such a way it makes a powerful impact.

To do that, the easiest, but also the dependable way to go is hire an ICO Marketing firm. Such ICO Marketing firms will have a broad team of market researchers, marketing specialists, analysts, strategists and experts with immense experience and knowledge, who will provide you a wide range of plausible marketing solutions that will reach your audience quickly, efficiently and most effectively, and ensure you maximum credibility and profitability. They will also help you with other consulting solutions and to make your ICO compliant for better survival chances.

Therefore, analyze and choose the best ICO Marketing company, avail comprehensive ICO marketing services at cost-effective prices, raise substantial funds, and become a key market player among your potential investors. 


Arya Florence is a blogger & Digital marketer. I'm enthusiastic about learning about new advancements in the Streaming app development in the market. I collaborate with various organizations and help analyze their competitors to provide them better strategies to improve and keep their businesses up to date.