What Are Simple & Easy Ways To Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain

Curtains help in improving your house’s appearance and improve the home comfort of your home. If you buy dark and heavy curtains then they help in blocking extreme sunlight from bedrooms. Curtains also put a stop to allergens from getting inside your rooms. Also, without curtains your home is incomplete. Moreover, curtains provide a comfortable feel and warmth to any space in your home and create a cozy look. Sometimes interior design can give you a little bit of stress, but curtains can give a massive influence on your home and decoration. Thus, it’s important to Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain regularly because over time these curtains get dirty and look dull.

In this blog, we have shared some tips that we found out while discussing with Curtain Cleaning Brisbane experts at our company. These are very useful tips that we share with all customers. 

Curtain cleaning
Curtain Cleaning

Here are some simple & easy ways to properly clean a fabric curtain:

Machine wash curtain fabric is polyester, nylon, and cotton. Also, you can wash lace curtains as well in the washing machine, but using a mesh laundry bag to protect them. 

1. Randomly check your curtain 

Before washing curtains at home, you must check for the label on your curtains. Additionally, if you doubt that your curtains have a color that is capable of fading or running, then you can try spot-testing. Take a small corner of your curtain and take water and a little amount of detergent, and mix them. Now, take a white cloth or paper roll, put it into the mixture, and dab it on the curtained corner. If you observe that the color is running, then don’t worry. Because you can use cold water to wash in the washing machine. Another tip you can use dye trapping sheets to prevent fabric dye bleeding in your washing machine. Make sure that you don’t take the risk of washing your curtains with any other items.

2. Detach equipment

If your curtains contain any hardware, then you must remove that first before putting it into the washing machine. Hardware such as curtain rings, pins, and clips. This is a simple and easy method to Properly Clean A Fabric curtain. Our experts will tell you everything you need to know about Roller Blinds.

3. Keep delicate curtains in a laundry bag

You can put delicate lace and sheer fabric curtains in a mesh laundry bag. By doing this you can prevent your curtains from getting worn at the edges and other damage to the curtains. Another simple and easy way is to place elegant curtains on the old pillow cover. Take the same color of the pillow cover as the curtains and bind it tightly with the help of knee socks. Also, use those knee socks that don’t bother stretching or discoloration.

4. Choose cold water

There are some curtains that are clean with cold water using a little amount of laundry washing powder. This is one of the simple and easy ways to Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain without fading and damaging it.

5. Make sure not to forget to dry the curtains properly

If you are using a washing machine dryer to dry the curtains then make sure to take out the curtains from the machine when they are 95% dry. Don’t over-dry, then in a machine because otherwise, they will get wrinkles. However, it’s better to remove the curtains when they are a bit wet because then you can use the press to dry them without any issues.


As you know that curtains are an essential part of any home. They are available in various designs, colors, and different fabrics in the market at reasonable prices. Curtains are useful in many ways in the house. They not only protect you from extreme sunlight that is coming into your house but also provide you comfort. You can use above mentioned simple & easy ways to Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain. You can feel confident about these tips and tricks because we have found them from the Best Curtain Cleaning Melbourne experts. They are industry experts so they know what is right for cleaning any curtain.